PIC ManagementHave you ever wondered about our team, our services and our purpose?

This will be the first blog entry that tells the story about us, PIC Management. We hope it will give you an insight in our company and the people that work here.

Let us first explain how we came up with this business.

In recent years, students have experienced many difficulties in starting their career path. High competition and endless application procedures make it complicated to find an internship.

Besides that, we understand that many students lack on working experience before their graduation. In this fast- paced world, businesses do not pay enough attention to single applications. These circumstances have created the need for an intermediary between company and students. Thus, we would like to give you the attention you deserve.

In 2013, PIC Management (Professional International Career) was founded in order to enhance the recruitment processes. Founders of the company Edgar and Victoria. The rest of our team is also young and multicultural, as our employees originate from Italy, France, Martinique and Germany. Therefore, our office language varies between French, Spanish, Italian and German. This enables us to interact with international students & businesses worldwide.

Since 2013, it is our passion to organize international work placements for our applicants. If you would like to read more about previous experiences with us: Read our candidates’ testimonials here

Let us tell you a little bit more about our process: Most importantly, it is your choice to be supported in the recruitment process.

Our service works like the following:
  1. Firstly, we will analyze and evaluate your application and schedule a call via Skype or phone to counsel you about possible matching internship positions.
  2. After we received the filled-out registration form, we will give you a presentation of the company. This is a proposal. It is your choice to accept or refuse the proposal without any consequences. If you are interested, we will present your application and schedule an interview by skype or phone, if needed.
  3. If the company accepts you as an intern, we will send you the official acceptance letter and the invoice for our fees. After we received payment proof, we will manage the internship agreement to be filled out by the host company.

The process is quite simple and easy to understand. Please feel free to ask for our general terms if you have any questions.

There is some additional support we offer to students. In case that no internship in our database matches the preferences, we are conducting research and distributing the application to newly prospected companies.

After handling the administrative part, we will prepare a welcome letter for you, mentioning for instance the dress code, important numbers, addresses, documents needed and some basic information.

Finally, we are also willing to provide references for students who have been working with us. Moreover, we can make sure that the host companies provide references as well.

Having considered our purpose, history and process, we wish to support you in finding your next internship! Meanwhile, all the best for your future career.

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