If you are a student looking for an internship, it is essential to optimize your integration in the job market. It is even more primordial for you to get the best skills after you finish attending university.

In a dynamic and a competitive world, we would like to support you in your internship seeking. Indeed, we want you to acquire the experience and the necessary skills for your future job.

We kindly invite you to discover our destinations and our internship programs. We have offers all around the world : in Europe, Asia, Latina America, and in Africa. For your internship placement, PIC Management has some partnerships with hotels and companies that are ready to welcome you and give you the professional experience you need to take over the labor market.

Among all the different destinations that we propose, you could go, inter alia, in Panama, China, UK, India, French Polynesia or Mexico. Of course, there are more. We invite you to discover all our destinations available for your internship research.

Furthermore, we know that a first-year student is not looking for the same type of internship than a master student. Consequently, we work in accordance with the university requirements. Additionally, we respect the objectives of each student in order to better meet your need.

So, if you are looking for an internship abroad in the logistic, tourism or marketing sector, PIC Management is with any doubt your greatest ally.

Last and not least, we give you advice on the redaction of your CV, its translation, the cover letter and on the preparation of your future interviews.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our internship programs around the world and make your dreams come true!

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