Benefits of working in a start-up

May 3, 2017 | Successful

Many student internships are done in start-ups. Do you know why? Here are a few reasons why working in a start-up can be interesting for your future career!

Benefits of working in a start-up.


Monotonous tasks and routines are certainly not part of a start-up company. One has to be aware that being part of a young company means a lot of responsibility. Start-ups are developing and expanding their business and therefore every employee and intern has a variety of tasks to do. This increased responsibility will enable you to gain skills and direct experiences more quickly. Generally, the tasks are so more flexible as there is no strict routine to follow. Likewise, these companies have less people so everybody’s role is important.
Are you ready to do more than the usual internship tasks and explore different job roles?

Opportunity and Growth

Startups can be super successful or fail. Participating in the development of a new company can offer many growth chances. It is your opportunity to directly be in contact with business partners or clients. It is clear that working in a start-up creates the opportunity to build something innovative and meaningful that can have a lasting impact on society. The company atmosphere will push you to think creatively on how to approach projects and create value.
Are you looking forward to gaining hands-on experience?

Innovation and Passion

Working in a startup means working with entrepreneurs. Learning from the owners of the company means learning from true innovators. Learn from innovators how to get the most out of limited resources! Most entrepreneurs are extremely talented and passionate about the company’s mission. You will notice flat hierarchies and a great atmosphere with a work life balance. Being part of such a team will build a certain company culture, in which work does not feel like work.
Are you ready to embrace an environment of innovation and passion?


Everything you are doing will have a direct influence on the success of the company. In a small team, assignments of each one are meaningful and will be noticed. Working in a large corporation, important tasks might go unnoticed.
Who is not willing to have tasks and assignments that are recognized?

To be honest, working in a startup is definitely not something for everyone. The interesting and challenging environment brings changing conditions and dynamic experiences. It is related to high risks and according to the Wall Street Journal 3 out 4 for start-ups fail. However, the biggest advantage is that it helps you to grow much faster than in a large corporation.

We are looking forward to hearing about your experiences!

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