Experience abroad - to travel is to live

Have you decided to gain some practical experience abroad?

This is great because at the same time, you are deciding to embrace all your possible fears and weaknesses, to change your life, to jump in a new adventure and to give yourself the opportunity to live a part of your life in a new and unique dimension.

Well, it is probably scary and exciting at the same time, but nothing is better than this feeling of uncertainty. This moment when you feel so alive and impatient to discover what life sets aside to you. Be proud of yourself because you are moving forward and – even more important – you are “grabbing” an opportunity with your own hands! This is your time: Your time to understand how you feel far from your comfort zone, to discover hidden parts of yourself, to experience your limits and to realize that you can overcome them.

When you decide to go abroad for the first time, it might be terrifying but there is this feeling of happiness that you cannot deny. You know that something new is coming to your life. You will probably face many difficulties; however it is certain that you are going to gain a great experience. After several experiences abroad, you become more open-minded, curious, more happy and you learn to manage your fears. This is one of the advantages of travelling. Indeed, you will see and you will have the proof that NO MATTER WHAT, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE!

Remember: this is YOUR experience! You can make the best, or the worst of it. You will learn that one must stop blaming on the job, on the period of his/her life, on the environment, even on the weather. There are one million reasons to feel unhappy or unsatisfied with what we have, try to focus on the good things. Everything you will learn, will follow you for the rest of your life!

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