Five advices for the first week at your internship

Aug 24, 2017 | Successful

Are you looking forward to the start of your internship abroad? Then, you shouldn’t miss my six advices on how to start smoothly into the first week of your internship. Starting an internship abroad means leaving your comfort zone and dealing with a new country, maybe a new language and new challenges. I started my internship at PIC Management two weeks ago and know exactly how insecure you feel! So, let me help you.

Starting an internship abroad means leaving your comfort zone and dealing with a new country

Check out how to get to the office

Being too late on your first day of work is inappropriate and creates a bad first impression. In order to arrive on time and without any stress, try your duty stroke out in advance. So, combine exploring your new home with finding the right way to work. Then you already know where to go and how long it takes.

Inform yourself about the dress code

The first impression is important! Inform yourself about the dress code of your company before you start working. If you are unsure after looking at their website, just ask. Being overdressed as well as underdressed is an embarrassing feeling at the first day. However, you should still wear something you feel comfortable with. It is your first day at the internship and of course you are nervous. Your clothes should give you some confidence. Don’t forget to smile because a positive appearance is priceless.

Ask question

In the beginning, you will get a lot of input, many information about the systems, way of work etc. Of course, you can’t remember everything so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask again. Don’t blame yourself for forgetting something, make notes and improve your performance day by day.

Give yourself some time

When you start your internship, your body and mind have to adapt to the new way of life! During your study life, you can decide when and where to study and don’t have to be in the office at 8 am every morning. You will need some time to get a routine and a scheduled day. See the advantages, when you go home after work, you are free and don’t have to think about homework, assignments or exams!

Stay positive

See every challenge as a chance to improve yourself and growth in your personal development. No one is perfect, so just try to become a better version of yourself and enjoy this unique experience abroad.

All the best for your time abroad and tell us how you have experienced your first week at your internship.

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