Are you ready for an unforgettable working experience in London, Edinburgh or Dublin?

Would you like to work for a Tour Operator? Do you love travelling? Organizing and Communication are your strengths? We have various positions for you!

Tour Operator

The work in a Tour Operator company will be the perfect work experience for you if you like communicating with others, are good in planning and organizing and are enthusiastic about travelling and willing to provide a great experience for others. It does not matter if you study tourism, business, communication or other related fields, because there are many different tasks to accomplish.


A Tour Operator plans the vacation for groups or individuals. Every little detail will be covered. That includes the transportation, the accommodation, the schedule of the days, the sightseeing tours and a good structure. For this, everyone has their own tasks to take care of. The tasks include to provide a good customer service with other businesses to promote the tours. The relationship to other clients must be managed and new markets have to be researched. The trips must be promoted and therefore the presentation has to be managed through brochures or presentations. Of course, a lot of booking has to take place in order to provide good accommodation and good deals have to be made. The work is very diversified, and many different responsibilities will come up to you.

Our partner company is looking for interns from different European countries in order to build business partners with various organizations. That means besides English you would communicate in your native language to build up new relationships in new markets.

Additionally, you can choose your preferable destination: London, Edinburgh or Dublin!

London: A modern city where you definitely never get bored! It offers so many attractions that you cannot even do everything during your stay! Sightseeing, learning about the Royal Family, theatres, shopping, night life and everything you could wish for…

Find all our offers in London here.

Edinburgh: If you like it less crowded as in London, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a very beautiful city to spend your internship in with a lot of history. Discover the Scottish Highlands and the Loch Ness Monster.

Find all our offers in Edinburgh here.

Edinburgh Internship




Dublin: Great meeting point for many businesses and opportunities – perfect spot for your first professional experience! Celebrate St. Patricks Day, discover the nature and drink some Guinness in an Irish Pub.

Find all our offers in Dublin here.

Internship Dublin

So, don’t miss out your chance to have an unforgettable working experience in one of our locations!

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