Job interviews are always stressful and our expectations are usually high: new team, new responsibilities, progression of career … It’s a new challenge that involves many changes in your life and need to leave your job interviewcomfort zone.

In addition, we’ve all heard horrific stories about interviews with unanswerable questions, unpleasant or aggressive recruiters … but keep cool. There are some keys to overcome a job interview and give an excellent impression to recruiters.


  • Learn as much as possible about the company and the position. Check the website of the company, related pages, the LinkedIn profile of the company and some key collaborators …
  • Make your self portrait: what would you bring to this job and this company? What would you have to improve to get the job?
  • Remember your past work experiences that could match with the current position.
  • If the job involves working in several languages: prepare the above points in the languages you manage, besides your native language.
  • Eat something energetic and easy to digest. During your interview, face to face or by phone, avoid discomfort body languages. Avoid anything that generates poor digestion before the interview (coffee, spicy food, very greasy food …)
  • Dress yourself: if the interview is in person or by Skype, you must provide the best image to see to the recruiter. Use formal clothes (shirt, pants or skirt suit, jacket, classy shoes / with small heel for women …) Comb your hair / shave / clean your shoes … everything that makes you look like a professional, serious, responsible and trustworthy. If the interview is by Skype, please find a place as neutral as possible. Don’t do the interview in your room full of party photos, or animal posters for example.

What about if you are doing the interview by phone? Do the same, to feel confident and immerse yourself in the situation.

Phone interviews. There are also some specific rules to follow:

  • Recharges the battery. Interrupting the interview for battery issues wouldn’t be convenient. Make sure that you are in a place where the signal is good and will not do any interference during the communication.
  • Also avoid to schedule an interview when you are at the train station or between 2 classes with all the noise in the hallways of the university.


If a recruiter calls you unexpectedly and you are not available, don’t worry. He can imagine that you’re not free at this time. Instead, useless to give details: “I’m taking a shower”, “I will eat” or “I’m shopping with friends” are totally useless and even harmful to the next contact information. A simply, “sorry, at this time I can not attend. When we could talk about? “You will be perfectly well seen and more than enough.

However, the rules to follow, whatever the form of the interview.

  • Smile!! It is said that we can hear on the phone if you are smiling or not
  • Be punctual.
  • Take a deep breath, do not rush to answer the questions. You can take approximately 5 seconds if necessary
  • Questions: If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. The interview goes both ways. Asking questions demonstrate your interest in the position and show confidence.
  • NO questions about rest, holidays, days off, or if the salary would increase. That will come later, when you’ll be accepted.
  • However, if you do not know the minimum wage, you can ask. It is also good to let an employer know that you have a minimum of criteria on working conditions.
  • At the end of the interview, if the recruiter doesn’t tell you anything about the following steps, you can ask. No overemphasize or ask a very precise term.


  • Relax and think about something else. Tormenting you about what you did wrong is not a good solution.
  • Meet the deadline that the recruiter gave you and do not contact the company before.
  • If the employer doesn’t give you any deadline, wait from 3 to 10 days. Then, you can send a brief mail where you can ask if they have took their decision?

Good luck for your next interview!

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