Internship agreement In the following article, we will cover the most common question of our applicants: The internship agreement.

The internship agreement is a big question mark for most students. They do not know where to find it or what it entails. In order to remove ambiguities, we will explain what an internship agreement is.

– First of all, the internship agreement is issued by a current or former university. Most students find it in the university database or on the webpage. Some students might need to contact their supervisor personally.

What? –  Generally, it is an agreement between the university, the intern and the receiving company. Preferably, the internship agreement is written in English. If the university does not provide an English version, we can also work with Spanish or French alternatives.

To clarify, the internship agreement includes the period of the stay, the place of the company as well as the work assignments. Besides that, it takes care of terms and conditions such as payment regulation, compensation and insurance.

The university often wants proof that the internship is related to the education and/ or to the studies.

Why? – It is a really important topic because one has to keep in mind that we cannot offer our services without an university agreement.

What if the university does not have an agreement? – If there is no agreement, we could provide an example agreement. However, your university needs to comply to sign it.


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