Our PIC Management candidate Belkas from Bulgaria spend the last half a year for an internship in Mainz and discovered this beautiful city located at the Rhine.

‘’To live is to travel’’.

One of my great experiences traveling and having a stay for longer than few months I had experienced during my internship in Mainz, Germany. It is a small town among the Rhine river in Germany fascinating its visitors from all over the world with the old town part, historical building and good beer.

mainz strand

Mainz Strand

The most importing meeting point in Mainz

I started my internship and have worked in an international environment for 6 months period and I experienced a lot of beautiful emotions, laughter and got to know a lot about this new culture and language. One of the main activities was meeting friends on the river side enjoying the lovely sunset on the river beach Mainz Strand. It was one of my top destinations with my coworkers from the company and made my time perfect.

The German language, delicious ‘’Pretzel’’ and of course the expensive train tickets are the most unforgettable part of my internship in Mainz and in general of my stay in Germany. I had the chance to visit Frankfurt, Berlin, Stuttgart, Darmstadt and Cologne to get to know more about the German culture and people during the weekends. The international kitchen – Indian restaurants, Turkish restaurants and the Italian ones were the best option to have a lunch or dinner with my friends.  

The Student Life

The Outdoor cinema at the river is for free and a must see during your internship in Mainz. Moreover, Mainz offers a lot of student discounts. The swimming pool only costs two euro for students and is a perfect opportunity to do some sport in compensation to your office work.

Weekends on the river side – BBQ on the river side is always a good option when the weather is nice and you want to spend some time outdoors. There are a lot of good clubs and pubs such as the Irish pub ‘’ Kelly’s just opposite of the Main Station they have a good attitude, good beer and of course student discount.

Mainz Cathedral

If you enjoy the student events or the Erasmus community, you can just join one of the parties in the dorms or in the University webpage in Mainz you can always check and find good events and trips to visit.

Mainz is one of the best towns to visit and enjoy for your internship or student duration as people are really kind and friendly and they all do speak a fluent level of English.

What about you? How did you experience your internship in Mainz or another German city?

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