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To continue our series of articles about Internship Placement Agency, we thought that it would be useful to make you discover it from inside.

By continually hearing you praise the advantages (or disadvantages) to use the service of a placement agency, by continually being contacted by 2, 3 agencies (or more), and seeing their vacancies everywhere…. We decided to invite you to a guided tour of our agency.

Insights into PIC Management

We know quite well that each agency has its own organization, thus we will only talk about us, because we know ourselves really well!

Jobs at PIC Management:

– The recruiter: you speak with them. They are in charge of evaluating your profile, understanding your project, advising you, informing you about the evolution of your application. They are the link between the educational world and the professional one. They are also the referent for your school.

– The sales representative: they are in charge of prospection, they are looking for companies and vacancies everywhere in the world. They are the link between you and your future host company. They will support your application, call again for the interview or the final answer.

– The communicator: well… OUR Community Manager (we are a small company, we only have one). She is responsible for all the communication support. Do you like the infographic? It’s her! You are interested in our Facebook publications? It’s still her! The website is easy to use? Still her!

– Administration/accountant: You got accepted in an internship. Here starts the paperwork. Who send you the details, call you again for the internship agreement, remind you the civil liability or inform the company of your arrival? It’s the administration! Some complications with your school about your agreement? The administration will deal with it. But be careful if you are not paying, it is also the administration department managing!

– The technician: you can chat with us on our website, that’s thank to him! You can subscribe online to our offers? You can simply surf in our page? That’s him, the IT professional… and when there is a bug, that’s the Super IT again who deals with it!

This is it, a placement agency is not 2 stealers hidden in a box eagerly waiting for innocent ewes…As presented by some detractors or some people misinformed who should review their lessons.

A serious internship placement agency, obviously, is a set of functions and professionals dedicated in their tasks.

PIC Management is a small company located in the North of Mexico, and it engages daily to do everything possible to find your matching internship and help you to build your professional career.

If you liked this visit and you feel a recruiter vocation… we are often looking for motivated people to join our team!

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