Travel in Riviera Maya - Mexico - internship

My three-month internship in Riviera Maya in Mexico was a wonderful experience. It was my first experience by myself abroad. At the beginning, I was afraid about going to a country by myself but at the end I totally found in love with the country. Everything was absolutely perfect. The landscapes and the people I met were amazing.

This internship gave me the possibility to make progress in my career. The missions that the hotel gave me were very relevant and interesting. I could work in different services and thus, understand better the organization of the company. The working conditions were difficult, I had to work many hours. However, going to the beach after my work done was a real pleasure.
My colleagues were great and brilliant. They helped me a lot with everything I needed, from the beginning to the end of my internship.

I also visited other cities such as Mexico city and Merida at the end of my internship.

Travel to Mexico City


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