If there is no real “dress code” when you meet a recruiter, there is nevertheless some basic rules to follow.

How to dress for an job interview? Big question we will try to answer. As with the resume, everyone has an opinion on the question: very well dressed, adopt a professional but casual style, depending on the industry, dress as you would dress for a lambda workday, etc. Sort out some the many information!

1) Adapt to the company and the position sought.
As with the resume when you are applying for a job in accounting or a graphic station, the expectations are not the same. Indeed, your outfit should be, to a certain extent, revealing your skills and your personality. For the job in accountant, the recruiter will appreciate your thoroughness, he must perceive that quality in you, even before you could say a word. The same for the graphic station, your potential employer will pay attention to your creativity, you can afford something original (not kidding of course!).

Beyond the position for which you are applying, you must also think about adjusting to the coveted company. For the same job title but for two different businesses, expectations are again not the same. Take, for example, the communication officer post, a position for which creativity but also the organization are desired qualities. If applying to a large insurance company, family and traditional, suit will be expected. In contrast, if you are applying in an advertising agency and you show up in suit, you might receive some joke!

Keep still in mind that each business is unique and has a mode of operation of its own. Hence the need to glean the most information about the company that you want to join upstream of a job interview.

2) Make a dress effortless yes, but choose comfortable clothes that you like.

Because yes, an elegant and professional dress code and comfortable clothes are not necessarily incompatible.

All recruiters are aware, when you meet them you are stressed, it’s a fact. Some will try to destabilize you, others put you as comfortable as possible (personally we prefer the second method, do not you?). This is why it is important to choose a comfortable outfit in which you feel good and that you like. If you put your unique costume or tailor who serves on special occasions, the recruiter will see all away! Sometimes it is better to opt for sober black jeans that have been used to wear that donning the suit pants that are never met.

3) Your general hygiene maintenance.

Have a clean outfit is not enough, it is necessary that the person who wear it, as well.

Job Interview: What is the dress code to be adoptedRegarding your hair must be neat and clean (or at least appear so), exit the hair, matted or in battle. Some recruiters even say that one can know someone’s personality through his hair (strict, scruffy, extrovert, introvert, etc.). For women, hair does not have to be attached but should be capped.

When you go to a job interview, think about your breath, especially if you smoke. By extension, if the recruiter does not smoke, the smell of cigarette can be disturbing for him. Be careful, some recruiters may have misconceptions about smoking (frequent cigarette breaks, etc.).

Become a fashion accessory in recent years, the beard does not escape the rules for your outfit maintenance. It must be at least neatly trimmed, clean and neat. The tolerance of facial hair is very uncertain and differs depending on the companies and managers. The decision is yours but the risk is there.

For accessories such as jewelry, piercings and tattoos, it is best to remove the day of the interview or hide. However, given that the will to work, some candidates still prefer to keep them. As for the beard, the risk depends on the person in front of you, you decide. If you keep them, you may well spontaneously explain your position on the question to the Recruiter, just to put the record straight.

Your shoes should be spotless and well chosen. The sport shoes are obviously excluded! For women, ideally choose pumps (only if you know walk with!).

4) Avoid flashy colors.

The title of this paragraph says it all, no flashy colors! Whether for your clothing, your nails, your hair, your shoes, bright colors are banned, the easiest thing to opt for a color shades.

For women, avoid outfits “alluring”, prefer a skirt below the knee. For makeup choose color “nude”, the type taupe, brown, flesh color, etc.

5) In summary.

If your wardrobe is not very provided and you cannot adapt to the maximum to the company where you are applying or you are a student and do not have the budget, here are the most common practices:

For men, the black suit and white shirt are the classics for an interview, this dress is timeless. Do not Flip out the wedding dress, it shows!

For women, a classic suit will fit the bill, it is timeless too.

The classic blue jeans denim are not necessarily well received by position you are applying for or depending on the company you are targeting. However, if you feel more comfortable in jeans, prefer basic black jeans.

In conclusion, remember that the first impression is decisive. We do not blame you for being overdressed for an interview, however you will be criticized for being too lax. If you doubt your outfit, do not take chances and refer to the paragraph above.

Once in office you can adapt according to others employees and in general the corporate culture.

We wish you much success in your imminent interviews!  if you want contact us!


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