London, United Kingdom
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    This position would include some or all of the following duties:

    The function of the Contracting Department is to negotiate all product services required by our parnter for its Groups, Individual and Corporate Departments, including accommodation, guides, transport. The team is responsible for all administration related to all areas of contracting i.e. sending/return of contracts, effective and timely communication with the Information Systems

    Department to ensure contracts are loaded to our company database.

    The department has a pro-active role in the identification of new product and its incorporation into programmes suitable for sale/operating by the Cie.

    Creating descriptions for new product as well as maintaining existing product information is also a role of the department.

    As part of the day to day role, our partner need to ensure that all central documents are kept up to date, such as the overview chart etc.

    The placement and securing of accommodation of large volume tour series are also managed by the Contracting Director and her team.

    The co-ordination of suppliers/trade visits to the Cie office and supplier invitations are managed by the Contracting Director and her team.

    Any other duties as assigned from time to time by your Director or Manager. You will report to the Contracting Director

    Company description:

    Tour operator based in London

    Other comments

    6 months internship mandatory

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