London, United Kingdom
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    You’ll be in regular contact with publishers from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and you’ll be on the lookout for new publishers to join the Cie marketplace.


    As the sales assistant, the role is predominantly publisher facing and its main focus is to represent the Cie in the market, to articulate its unique proposition and to drive sign-ups by publisher partners. You will help the sales teams to build a number of business partnerships across a range of publishers and strategic partners who are central to the ongoing growth and success of the company.

    You’ll also learn to become an experienced sales professional with a keen understanding of online advertising and related technologies, and you’ll help the teams create a business development strategy with key internal stakeholders and effectively execute plans.

    As well as this, you’ll be:
    Evaluating potential partnerships and playing a key role in developing new business opportunities.
    Executing relationship development from first contact to signed agreement.
    Developing and maintaining an intimate knowledge of the offering and products and be able to articulate them effectively to publishers.
    Regularly updating the business on the progress of publisher development. This will include an overview of active discussions and opportunities, client feedback, networking events and industry changes.

    Company description:

    High tech company based in London

    Other comments

    9 to 12 months internship

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