A little-known Central American country


Panama is among the countries poorly known in Latin America. However, it has many treasures and interesting opportunities for your career. It is
located between Colombia and Costa Rica. It is famous for its Canal and recently because of the scandal of Panama Papers. This country counts around 4 million people and it is lined with 2490 km of coast. It has a tropical climate with a wealth of fauna and flora. Exoticism guaranteed!

PANAMA CITY: The capital. It is where you’ll be arrived and where you will leave. It is the second largest economy in Central America. You will notice when you’ll be arrived there that is lively, bustling and constantly moving.

PEDSI, BOCA DEL TORO: It is the place where the tourism explosed. Far from the urban bustle, this place conceals real treasures of nature. In this region, internships are almost exclusively related to tourism and hospitality. From surfers’ hostels to chic and peaceful hotels, you can choose the kind of experience you want.

This country is an hospitable one. Thus, it has agreements with many countries to enable students to realize their internship without a visa needed. Under certain conditions, you can acquiere a 180-days internship in Panama, no specific steps. Our consultants bring you all the details required for your stay.


Our internship offers in Panama


Wikipedia Panamá.

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