For all of you that are planning to start their internship or for those who are currently working in one: Here are four practical tips on how to make the most out of your time as intern.

An internship is a special experience that opens the career path for many students. However, it depends on you and what you take out of it.

  1. Be positive & motivated

If you think that you are trapped in long working hours and boring tasks, you are wrong. We can imagine that the work life highly differentiates from the student life. Nevertheless, do not forget that you are at the company for a reason. Your work and your tasks are meaningful and the company needs you. Every employee and intern directly influences the company’s success in some way. Thus, it is important to focus on the benefits of this internship. In case that you forgot about them: click here

  1. Stay curious

It is your chance to learn more about the international business environment and the field the company operates in. You should use your status as an intern to ask several questions. Learn about the external and internal environment of the company. Show your interest & make a good impression at your host company.

  1. Set personal learning goals

Before starting the internship, you should think about the competencies and skills that you want to take out of it. Take a look at this list during your internship to gain the relevant skills employers are seeking. Successful interns learn as much as possible in the given time period. So, go ahead and ask your supervisor where you can help and how you can develop certain skills. Write down your personal achievements and start to feel great about the impact you are having on the company success.

  1. Build professional contacts

85% of all jobs are filled via networking! Nowadays, it is crucial to have valuable professional contacts. That means that you should try to engage in conversations with the people you meet during your time as an intern. Who knows where these professional contacts will take you someday!

Please keep these 4 aspects in mind when doing an internship. Besides that, do not forget to be yourself and enjoy your time.

We are wishing all the best for the future!

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