First day like intern

It’s time for new postion like intern, and you landed an incredible opportunity for a better resume. At this time  the bad news: you’ve just new postion like interngotten yourself invited to the longest job interview known to human.  Well, if you are like most interns, you are looking for one or more of the following from your internship: connections, mentorship, or a full time offer at the end of the internship. To increase your possibilities of having any of those three, you’ve got to be in top form the whole time. And first impressions are both crucial and permanent.

As a result with that being claimed, here are some recommendations for having the best possible first day on the internship:

• Provide a smile. In the new job land, a optimistic attitude is completely important 101% of the time. Working at a company can be like being an actor in the best movie of your live– you’ve always got to be exuding uber-confidence in yourself and your organization. Your colleagues are going to need to see that whatever chips may drop, you’re going to preserve your sunny and cordial disposition.

• Be intelligent, but not a know-it-all. You got the job – you’d better have done your research on the company, its competitors, and its focus market ahead of time. But no one needs an intern to come in with ideas on new products or marketing techniques. Don’t be a fancy – if you’ve done your research, it will show in interaction. One suggestion: you don’t require to do this in a vacuum. It’s completely OK to ask for whatever business information, presentations, etc., from the company ahead of time.

• Meet with your manager or tutor as soon as possible. You may be waiting for your improved to schedule your day for you, and you might anticipate that your first day will be lined up with training periods and meet and greets with the full office. If that is the case, amazing. The more likely scenario in some companies is that they’re not that ready, and they haven’t planned for your introduction – or that they did plan, but a significant client meeting came up that threw the entire day off course. Make sure that if this happens, you at least get a meeting, coffee, espresso or lunch in with your direct tutor first thing. And in that meeting, get some assistance on how he/she wants you to spend your days, and whether there is a short or long term deliverable you should be working towards. That way, even if you end up a bit in limbo on day 1º, you’ll have something to focus on when you get to your desk.
One suggestion: email your tutor  the night before to confirm a time to meet.

• Important: don’t be first out the door, but don’t be last. This is going to likely be a period of a lot of hard work. The fact is that on your first day, they’re almost certainly not going to overload you with a ton of to do’s. But ringing the bell at 6 pm on the dot is going to offend your co-workers. Find a happy balance and watch your workmates for the cue when it’s an pertinent time to go away.
One suggestion: ask a few people out after work that night, not only will you get to know some persons better, but that way you’ll be leaving in a group.

The first day on the internship can seem complicated, even for seasoned professionals. Ideally these suggestions can help ease nerves of the first day.

Do you have any other suggestion for your first day?


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