What you should know before you pack for your internship abroad

Sep 18, 2017 | Before your departure

I guess everyone knows the hassle and stress when you have to pack for your internship abroad. You probably only have one suitcase and no idea how you are going to survive such a long time without your wardrobe? I can reassure you, we are able to live with less than we accept! I am currently in Mexico for my internship and only have one 60L backpack for one year abroad and I am still alive. However, there are a few things, you should keep in mind!

Inform yourself about the dress code to pack for your internship abroad.

Inform yourself about the dress code

As mentioned in the previous post, you have to inform yourself about the dress code in your company, before you leave in order to be prepared at your arrival.

Inform yourself about the weather

Check the weather for the duration of your stay before you pack for your internship abroad. Just because you arrive in summer does not mean, it will be 30 degrees for the rest of your stay. I mainly packed summer clothes for my internship in Mexico and recognized afterwards that it will be around 0 degrees during winter. This was totally my fault so I end up wearing several layers to feel warm (and had to go shopping a lot)

Start to pack early enough

Don’t start to pack one day before you leave, just to find out that you have too much and sort out again or you miss something important. Write down a packing list and give yourself some time to pack carefully and start all over again. It is a hard and difficult task so don’t stress yourself.

Other countries have shopping malls too

In case, you forget something, you will find shopping malls almost everywhere and they will probably even have an shop with the same collections as at home. However, I always ask locals where they go shopping in order to explore their trends and fashion and it is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your new friends.

You will get tired of your clothes

After some time, you will definitely be tired of wearing the same three shirts every week and you strive to buy new ones. Thinking about your travel budget, I recommend trying Second – Hand shops to get clothes cheaper and in an ecological friendly way. In order to avoid extra luggage on your way back home, donate your old clothes for a refugee or red cross center.

Tell me in your opinion what you should know before you pack for your internship abroad? What is the most important item and what do you miss from home?

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