placement agencies and schools

The ups and downs of the relationship between the placement agencies and schools: better than a blog article, we could write a novel about it! Between love and indifference, distrust and curiosity…. The relationship between schools and the internship placement agencies combines everything to write a good script.

The seduction period:

Well, it is true that placement agencies want to attract students to offer their services. Voilà, the atomic bomb has been dropped, the truth has been revealed! Like schools, universities, companies, the placement agencies try to make themselves known to its potential customers. So yes, we are guilty for tempting to seduce schools and universities, and essentially the Traineeships Office! But we only want to communicate with students. And the easiest way to reach students is through schools and universities. Is it blameworthy? In a relationship, who has never try to please mummy-in-law or daddy-in-law?

So yes, we contact them, we ask them for an appointment, we explain them our service. Nevertheless, it is not always simple to seduce mummy-in-law/daddy-in-law maybe because of the stereotypes, because they are not aware about the new features or not convinced about the future son-in-law…

“The first date”

Here we go! Thanks to our persistency, we’re getting our first appointment with the Traineeships Office! Our emotions at this moment: Excited! We strongly believe that we will contract a partnership or that we will develop a strong relationship of trust with them.

But it will be too easy! A love story worthy of the name, it is something you have to work for! The first “date” is full of suspicion… What could be more normal after all these disillusions and disappointment with the previous pretenders? They promised us the moon, they made us dream… for nothing. At the end, everybody is disappointed: The students and us!

However, we don’t get flustered, we keep a low profile… We assume who we are. Yes, we are a placement agency, yes we have the objective to make ourselves known to students… yes but we are humble, precise, realistic, passionate about our job and we perfectly know what we are doing!

The beginning of a beautiful story:

Voilà, we opened our heart, we showed our true colors! But we don’t delude ourselves, some don’t want to try anything with us, blinded by the bad experiences, by the fear of new things, by the ethical code, the moral, and who knows what else?

And then, some universities will trust us, will let us the chance to work with them… for the happiness of their students! To offer them a chance to get the internship of their students dreams!

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