new languageDid you finally decide to learn a new language? But the question is HOW? We can already imagine the desperation, you may have thought ‘Impossible is nothing’, ‘I have never tried to learn a new language’ or ‘I really want to learn but reading this book feels so boring and useless’. Just that you know, we feel you! Therefore, we would like to give you some tips to accelerate your language learning and discover that there are many entertaining ways to speed up the process.

This is certainly a long and difficult path that leads to communication with a different culture!

1. Watch movies or TV series in the language you want to learn.

I suggest you putting subtitles in your native language at the beginning. In this first phase, your brain start to get use to the sounds and you can still understand what is happening in the show. Even if you will not realize it immediately, and may feel discouraged, you are learning!

When you feel comfortable switch even the subtitles in the language you would like to learn. This is a perfect way to learn how the words are written. It helps with the structure of the sentences and how a sound is associated with a syllable.

2. Read books, newspaper, blogs…

Read anything that you would enjoy also in your own language! It is important you focus on the words you do not know. Stop your reading and look for its meaning (possibly, if you really feel like a great student that day, you may copy them on a notebook with their translation)!!

3. Talk, text or call somebody you know (or you do not know) who can help you to practice your skills.

Thanks to the social media, that nowadays it is really easy to reach people. Maybe propose a tandem, someone else may be looking for you to practice your native language!

4. Listen to music!

This is another great method to improve, especially if you make the effort to translate and learn the lyrics of the songs.

5. And finally, GO ABROAD! This is the biggest advice we can give you. But if you do so, do not hang out with people from the same nationality as you!

All in all, we hope that these tips motivate you even more to learn another language. Please be patient with yourself & stay positive!

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