8 tips for a successful skype interview

Mar 17, 2017 | Application

People all over the world are always wondering how they can increase their chance of being hired. Especially, students and graduates often do not know how to prepare for a Skype interview.

Therefore, we prepared a few techniques for you to make you feel more confident for your next job interview.

A few techniques for you to make you feel more confident for your next job interview.

Print your CV

Please have your CV ready, preferably printed out in front of you. You might not see the importance of this point but many employers ask you to guide them through your CV. Taking a look at your CV, will make it easier for you to talk about your experiences in the right order.

Use an appropriate interview set-up

Make sure that the interview set up is appropriate. That means that you should dress well. What does dress well mean? Well, this depends on the job position. However, the advantage when you have an interview on Skype is that you can wear a nice shirt and keep your pajamas as pants. However, make sure not to stand up during the interview. Moreover, you should be certain that there is no distraction in the background. Please choose a neutral set up and pay attention that there is nobody that could interrupt you.

Check interview connection

A good internet connection is the key for a successful Skype interview. In order to ensure that skype is working, you could try to call somebody else before.

Conduct Company research

Before doing the interview, it is beneficial to do some research about the company you would like to work for. You do not need to remember all parts of their history but focus on a few things that motivate you to work at this place. The employer is likely to ask “why would you like to work for us?” or “what do you know about the company?”. It can help to discuss how your skill set could fill the needs of the company.

Prepare for basic questions

Next to the above mentioned questions, it is important to prepare answers to a few basic questions. All recruiters are interested in these 4 things: your strengths, your weaknesses, your plans for the next 5 years and your achievements in the past. Be honest with yourself and take some time to think about these aspects. By answering the questions, it always helps to give specific examples of professional experiences, or academic experiences such as group projects.

Use professional language

Make sure to use the right language during the interview. Be professional and avoid slangs or abbreviations. Employers are looking for somebody that can communicate professionally. They need to see if you are the right person to interact with business partners or clients.

Good attitude

The employers already know what is on your CV. They do not really look for detailed information about your past, the real thing they look for is motivation and enthusiasm. Be real and be you. Do not remember what exact words you are saying. Of course, you can prepare some notes on a paper, but do not exaggerate. Even though it is a skype interview, the employer will see if you are not looking at the computer. Otherwise, if you are not sure at all, you could always scotch-taping your notes on your laptop. But make sure to leave some space to see the person that you are talking to. Finally, listen patiently, smile and stay positive. Job chances do not increase if you seem to be desperate to get the job.

Show interest

At the end of the interview, the recruiter always wants to know if there is any question from your side. Most candidates would answer with no. However, this is the point where you can show your interest. Ask what really interests you. It is the possibility to discover if the job is the right for you. You could for instance ask more detailed questions about the job description or the company culture.

We hope that these 8 tips will ensure your success during the next skype interview. We wish you all the best!

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