Mexican expressions - Spanish
If you are traveling to Mexico, you better check out this list of expressions you will hear since the first moment you step in this amazing country.

As you may know, even if you are native Spanish speaker, each Spanish speaking country has his own expressions. Well, Mexico is a perfect and funny example!


First, in Mexico every guy is a GÜEY (wey): an average Mexican aged between 14 and 30 can use this word even 3 times in a sentence! Believe me!

“Hey Güey, que pedo Güey?”


Here we step in another very used saying in Mexico: “Que PEDO!” or “Que onda” Thus, has multiple meanings. Depending on the intention of the speaker, the context and the sentence, it can vary a lot. The example above means: “what’s up?”.

But it may be:

“Estar pedo”: to be drunk

“No hay pedo”: there is no problem

“Me saco un pedo”: scared me

It will take a while to adapt to it! If you hear it, try to analyze the situation!


There are other key-words to learn in Mexico, such as: “CHIDO” which means cool! It can be a person, a situation or even an object!
For instance: “Està bien chido!”

The same it is applied to “que padre”, which has the same meaning and it is mainly used when someone is telling you something nice that has happened.


Eres un CHINGON/A” is the typical expression to say: “you are a good person”. But un “chingo” means “a lot”. For example: “me gusta un chingo : I like it a lot”! And then with the same word we may also step into bad words (which we will avoid in this article).


It is important to mention that in Mexico, even if the expressions have a negative meaning, people use them in a joking tone 80% of the times! This make everything funny and totally inoffensive! You would not do it in formal occasion though!


As follow a list of other words used typically in Mexico, that are totally different from Castellan Spanish (Mexican; Castellan; English):

Mexican SpanishCastellan SpanishEnglish
La netala verdadthe truth
La lana/platael dineromoney
Chela, cheve, frias, birrascervezabeer


There are much more words and expressions! Traveling to Mexico and experience them would be the
best way to discover this funny and playful culture!


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