What you need to know for an internship in Europe

Déc 6, 2017 | Expatriation

Going abroad for an internship in Europe is always an exciting step. Even when you just move to your neighbor country thousands of questions will cross your mind about visa application, a new health insurance, opening a bank account, going to the immigration office etc. Here is a list about some European countries and what you have to keep in mind when you move there. All students need an internship agreement provided by the university and this article focuses on European students who do an internship in the Schengen area and therefore do not require a Visa.

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Internship in Spain

You have probably already heard about it, but you still don’t know what exactly it means, the N.I.E. First of all, N.I.E. stands for Número de identficación de Extranjero which means foreigner ID. Every worker in Spain needs it. If you stay less than three months, you can apply for N.I.E. at the embassy of your home country. Normally, it will take around three weeks before it arrives.

In order to apply for N.I.E., you need your identification card, a copy of your identification card on an A4 paper, your European health insurance card, rent contract and your internship agreement. Moreover, you have to fill out several documents which can be found online.

If you stay longer than three months, you have to make an appointment in Spain to apply for N.I.E. Keep in mind that some companies require the N.I.E. before you start your internship. If you make an appointment in advance, you will receive your N.I.E. directly during your meeting. Be careful when you are going to Barcelona. This city is so popular for internships that they are running out of appointments. If you stay less than three months, we strongly recommend you, to apply for your N.I.E. in your home country.

The host companies sometimes require a Spanish bank account for the salary. After receiving your N.I.E., you can easily open your bank account and get your social security number (Número securidad social). The N.I.E. costs 10,30 Euro.

Internship in Germany

Have you ever thought about doing your internship in Germany? Germany is known for its strong economy and offers internships in various fields.

As an European citizen, all you have to do is to go to the registration office within the first week after your arrival. You will need your ID card, a registration form and your rent contract. Don’t miss the deadline otherwise you have to pay a penalty fee. You don’t need a German health insurance when you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

If your internship is mandatory for your university, you won’t have to pay for social insurance, taxes, pension fund etc. However, you are also not entitled to receive the minimum wage. Most companies pay you a small amount of money to finance your stay.

Internship in France

For an internship in France, your host company is responsible for providing most of the documents. With your European Health Insurance Card, you do not need a French health insurance.

French companies have to pay 554 Euro minimum salary for interns. However, internships with a duration less than eight week do not have to be paid.

Internship in the United Kingdom

If you are a student from another EU country and in the UK for less than 6 months, you will require a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which must be obtained from your home country!

Next to this you require a national insurance (NI) number. You cannot apply for this number online so when you first move to London, you can call them and make an appointment. For the meeting, you will need the following documents: passport/identity card, residence permit, birth/adoption certificate, marriage/civil partnership certificate, driving license, work contract, proof of employment/studies and proof of address (rental agreement, letter or bill).

You have to pay taxes but can ask for a tax refund after your internship. The UK also has a minimum wage, however if the internship is a mandatory part of your study program, you do not have to receive any salary.

Due to the Brexit from 2016, the future of the United Kingdom is still unclear. The free movement and working possibility for internships might chance so keep yourself updated!

Internship in Greece

For a hospitality internship in Greece, your university needs a study program related to tourism, hospitality or leisure management. Even when you are not enrolled in this program, you can still do an internship in Greece. An international health insurance is highly recommended. Some hotels have another internal contract that the student must sign. Ask your university in advance if it is possible for you to sign the internal contract! Most hotels provide full board accommodation and 300- 500 euro per month.

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