Benefits of a Food and Beverage internship

Avr 24, 2017 | Réussir son stage

Are you associating a food and beverage internship with cleaning dishes all day? Wrong! This article will outline the main benefits of food and beverage internships. All food and beverage internships we offer are part of the hospitality business and most of them take place in hotels or resorts. This industry has rapidly grown in recent years. It has been concluded that approximately 25% of visitor spending is attributed to food and beverage while they are traveling (R. Ryanson, 2016). A practical experience in this area will provide you with many insights about the field.

First, let us consider the regular activities that Food and Beverage interns follow. Internships include planning, coordinating, arranging and developing food and beverage services while meeting customer expectations and food and hygiene standards. Besides that, interns present menus, take orders, serve and deserve dishes and of course optimizing the supply chain by checking beverage stocks etc. Not obvious, but part of the internship is also to organize and motivate the team you are working with. Second, let us clarify the advantages that this kind of internship would bring.

1. Increased awareness about tourism

Every day comes with new guests and new challenges. Interns will directly interact with customers, as they are also responsible for welcoming guests and ensuring their satisfaction. It is important to actively listen in order to detect the customer needs. Generally, people working in the tourism industry learn to be more sensitive as they need to maintain good relationships. Besides that, meeting new people is the perfect possibility to enhance soft skills and learn how to effectively communicate across cultures.

2. Increased knowledge about food and beverage resources

Working in the food and beverage field will make one understand all steps of the supply chain that a hotel has. One will experience which resources are needed to produce certain dishes or drinks. It will open your eyes about all hidden processes.

3. Ability to create unique selling point

Every food and beverage intern will experience the feeling of satisfaction from making other people happy. The industry has the power to create its own unique selling point that means that interns are sometimes able to put an individual touch to the dishes or drinks. All in all, they are highly responsible for the success or failure of the cuisine.

4. No Limit of knowledge

There are so many different cuisines and cultural dishes and myriads of methods and ways to prepare and present food and beverages. Besides that, interacting with customers will help you to enhance your language skills.

5. Enjoy Food delicacies and drink varieties

Working in the food and beverage industry will also enable you to receive food and drinks for free or for a reduced priced.

All advantages have some disadvantages. We understand that the food and beverage industry can also be stressful, especially because the job is solely based on working with people. Let us know about your opinion! We are happy to adjust our blog entry with your suggestions and experiences.

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