Our concept

Our idea is to create real bridge between students who are looking for the internship and companies which want to train a young person and strengthen their teams.

Looking for the internship abroad can be difficult and tedious: students do not have a highly developed network of professional contacts to acquire a suitable internship yet. We are delighted to have a stable network of collaborating companies thanks to whom we can offer a wide range of vacancies and destinations to each candidate.

Our page is designed so that students and schools can see all our internship offers as well as all the information about our destinations and positions for a practice abroad. We are moreover offering free coaching which provides detailed advices to support our candidates write professional applications.

On our blog, we continuously try to answer the questions we receive from students regarding their pursuit for an internship abroad: how to present one’s candidature, administrative procedures in each country, how to make the internship an optimal professional experience as well as information about the countries of destination.

Our recruiting process

Our selection process is fast and efficient. Hereby, the first stage is fundamental: it’s about clearly defining the candidates plan/project, what are his/ her expectations, what languages can he/she speak, what is the desired destination, which skills does the student want to develop during the internship. We take the time to understand the expectations of every candidate, so we can propose the most adequate offer.

We are working together with the schools/universities, which means that each candidate must previously validate the offers before moving on in the selection process. For every step of the process, we ask the candidate about his/ her interest in proposing him/her to the company if an internship offer is adequate. The next and final stage is the interview and subsequent feedback from the host company.

Our process has been thought to satisfy every side: the student has interviews with companies he/she is interested in, with the consent of his University. Furthermore, from the company’s point of view, its guaranteed that they receive applications from suitable students who are motivated to make new working experiences abroad and become a valuable part of their team.

We solely ask for the payment of our service once the student received the confirmation that he has been accepted to the chosen internship.

Pick a recruiting process depending on your profile

Our difference

Our fees

Our rate is one of the lowest ones among the prices offered by other placement agencies in the market. Our goal is to allow as many students as possible to find a suitable internship abroad. In comparison, for a 3 months long internship, our service costs are lower than those of a 1 month of the Erasmus’s scholarship.

A worldwide resourse of partner companies

Our aim is also to have stronger collaborations with schools, which could take charge of the costs of the service for their students, and thus support them in the realization of their professional experience abroad.

Honesty towards our customers

We do not promise this what is impossible: if you project seems to be not realistic, then we will try to propose you some other alternatives adequate to your competences and interests and which will allow you to realize your goal.

Customer satisfaction before anything else

Satisfaction through quality, this is what motivates us day after day.

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