Our Service for Schools and Universities

1. Communication via email or your intranet with Internship offers tailored to your academic calendar and study programs

We clearly indicate our agency fee to avoid confusing your students.

We can send you specfic internship offers via mail and provide personalized searches.

2. Skype Interview with your students

Analyzing the applicant profile and stating the students objectives and requirements.

We send specific offers to the students which match his criteria.

3. Validation of the proposed internship by the University

We ask each student for the validation of his desired internship position from the respective University or School  before proceeding with the application process.

4. Management of the Documents and follow-up with your student

We take care of the internship agreements before it is being signed by the host company.

We contact the student at the beginning of the internship to ensure the compliance of the assignments and conditions of the internship in the host company.

Internships abroad available with PIC Management

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Advantages of working with PIC Management


For you

Offer paid internships abroad (choice of destinations) to your students.

Check and validate our offers before publication.

Make sure your students are in good hands in the host country.

Mediation in English or Spanish with the host company if necessary.


For your students

Cultural and professional experience abroad.

A contact person helping during all stages of the recruitment and during the internship.

Possibility of several recruitment processes until the right internship has been found.

Clear and precise information on administrative procedures and host company / course progress.

A priviledged relationship

A dedicated interlocutor at PIC Management who speaks your language

Communication support adapted to your needs

Relevant Internship offers (training, academic calendar etc.)

Suggestion of new Destinations to your students

Supervision of the internship agreements

Follow-up with the student during his internship abroad

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The schools and universities from which the students come from

Feedback from Universities and Schools

Many universities, business schools and institutions have trusted us to help them find a suitable internship for their students. Here are the testimonials of their experiences with our service.

The collaboration with PIC Management has started in 2016 with brilliant results. During the years many students, both bachelors and students of Master’s degree, carried out their internships in countries like Spain, UK, Malta, Mexico, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands. Their feedback has always been positive, thanks to the support provided by Victoria Valero and her team and the different tasks they were assigned to. They have always been a reliable person during all the phases of the selection and the formalization of every single procedure. The students are asked to pay a membership fee before leaving, in order to formalize the procedure and start the experience, but their internships are paid and many times with additional benefits (full board accommodation or similar). We consider PIC Management as a great partner to collaborate with for the organization of working experiences abroad for our students and we feel  confident to recommend them to the other Universities willing to expand their partnerships with foreign contests.
University of Modena

PIC Management offers internships in different countries, allowing our students practise and improve their languages skills. Moreover, PIC Management offers internships all year long with different tasks that are related to the students’ background in commerce school, in order to let them choose their future specialization. Even if students have to pay a fee, we know they will pay only once they will get the internship desired, and approved by us.
Business School in Paris

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