As an internship placement agency, our goal is to negotiate the best conditions so that each student can find his paid internship abroad and thus start an international career in good conditions.

Our main missions are therefore to negotiate with the partner companies to offer paid internships to students, on the one hand, and on the other hand to diversify the destinations as much as possible to offer the best choice to each candidate, as part of an internship. Erasmus more for example.

During all the research internship we are listening to you. First, to understand in detail your motivations and aspirations. The idea is to offer you exclusively internships corresponding to your professional project. If your search is for luxury hotel internships, we will only offer you offers on this specific sector.

At PIC Management we make it a point of honor to establish a personalized relationship with each candidate for his research internship. Provide maximum information at each stage of recruitment to provide quality service.

A simple and efficient service

As an internship placement agency, we also insist on the transparency of our service, as soon as our offers are published. We want to offer a simple and effective service:

  • Upon receipt of your application, we send you general information about our service and offer a Skype interview.
  • During the interview, we define together your expectations, your skills and “weak points” to be able to offer you the best offers of student internship.
  • We will then send you the complete information of our service and all paid student internships that may correspond to your profile: Barcelona internship offer, paid internship in England … it all depends on your research.
  • After validation of the internship missions by your school, we present you the host company for the offer you have chosen.
  • If you confirm your interest in the company, we can then support your application with our partner.
  • If necessary, we will retouch your resume to make it as professional as possible, without changing the content of course.
  • We organize if necessary your interview with the company. In most cases, it will be by Skype.
  • If you are retained for the internship, you will receive your letter of acceptance and the instructions for the payment of our service. On the other hand, if the company has not chosen you, we will continue the search until you find a paid internship abroad.
  • Once the payment is made, we will accompany you in the steps for your internship agreement and other administrative aspects according to your destination. We will also give you all the information about your arrival in the host company.

Our fees

Until 13 weeks, the fee is 385 euros. For each additional week, add 15 euros. To know the price of your program, put the duration of your internship. If you have any question, or if you require a Visa for your internship, do not hesitate to contact-us
  • A large range of divers internship offers all over the world
  • Multilingual team: Spanish, English, French
  • Revision and correction of your CV, if necessary
  • Advice and practical information for your applications, but also about the country of destination
  • Organising and preparing the interviews with the collaborating companies
  • Wide choice of paid practice offers and destinations
  • Personalized advice at each stage of your application process
  • Redirect to other offers until we find an internship that is fitting for you
  • Possibility of an even more personalized research (through contacting new companies), in case we do not have any internship positions that match your criteria
  • Administrative management: agreements of your university, Erasmus agreements, information about your preferred destination, useful information to prepare your stay during the internship
  • Tracing during your internship: we make sure that your practice corresponds to your expectations and we are at your disposal during your stay at the host company
  • Transportation costs
  • Cost of insurance
  • Administrative procedures related to the requirements of the country of your destination
  • Expenses during your stay

The students’ profiles we’re looking for

Internships in companies

I am a student in 3rd year or Master in Business School, IAE or languages. I am available between 3 and 6 months.

I have the commercial fiber, a first experience job or internship in business. I am organized, I have the initiative, and the BtoB or BtoC or BtoD contact interests me. I speak English fluently and ideally a 2nd foreign language. I am comfortable with computer tools, new technologies.

Internships in tourism

I am a student in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year tourism / hospitality, languages, even business school or engineering school (internship worker engineer). I am available between 2 and 4 months.

I like contact, and I want to develop my customer service / relationship skills. I want to work in foreign languages.


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