Our recruitment process for students

Skype Interview and Analysis of your profile

The idea is to understand, in the best way possible, what kind of internship you are looking for, so we know what internship offers we can propose to you. We are taking the necessary time to define your search and to understand your expectations. Then we send you the documents which are mandatory for your registration to our service, as well as the offers which match your interests and requirements.

Introduction of the host company and the second Skype interview

If the company likes your profile, your candidature is confirmed. If necessary, we will revise and enhance the layout and structure of your CV in order to make your application as professional and attractive as possible (never changing the given information). In a next step we arrange and schedule a Skype interview between you and the host company and provide you with useful tips and advice on how to prepare for the interview in order to get a positive feedback from the company.

Your internship confirmation and the payment process

Once the internship is confirmed, you will receive the acceptance letter from us as well as all the information and instructions about the payment procedure for our service.

Our service for students

PIC Management is a placement agency which is focusing on two main topics: To propose internships with benefits and a large variety of destinations. Finding paid internships abroad is not easy. Each country has its own rules and there are not many countries which are offering help in order to find an internship, including the European Union. Learn more.

Business Profiles

Students in Business schools, IAE and Universities.

Tourism Profiles

Students of tourism / hospitality, languages, even business school or engineering school (internship engineer).

Our fee

For an internship with a duration of 8 to 13 weeks the one-time fee amounts t: 370 Euros. Moreover, every additional internship week is being charged with: 15 Euros per additional week.

Our main destinations for internships abroad.

And more countries….

A post-recruitment coaching service


CV and motivation letter

Our tips to write a professional CV and successfully attract recruiters.

Preparations for an Interview

The right body language, arguments and more-Tips for a acing your next interview.

Management of your online presence

Control your Internet image and optimize your LinkedIn profile.
Learn more about our coaching methods.

Feedback about us

Many students trusted us to help them find their internship. Here are the testimonials of their experiences abroad.

My internship is going very well: my colleagues are understanding and very friendly, the work is interesting and we learn a lot in a short time (especially foreign languages). Life on site is very pleasant in every way. My schedules are appreciated too, and I am moving in tomorrow in what will be my home until the end. The staff is lovely, and I met other French trainees with whom I will live soon. My stay is great! Thank you for everything!
Aurore, May 2018

Internship in Spain

The internship is going great. My managers and my colleagues are nice and teach me a lot of things and listen to me. The assignments that are entrusted to me are very interesting, even if the internship corresponds more to a student profile in Tourism rather than an LEA. Nevertheless, it is still very rewarding. Regarding the city and culture and I quickly adapted, although at first I was skeptical because I did not speak  Italian at all. The people here however are very open-minded and friendly.
Paula, April 2018

Internship in Italy

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