Recruitment process for companies

1. Publication of your offers in our international network

We publish your offers on our website (translated into 5 languages),and share them with all our partner schools (mainly in Europe) but also on our social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn).

2. Presentation of the best, pre-selected candidates

After a Skype interview with the candidates, we present you the candidate (s) that we believe is most suitable for your position. You receive his/her CV and a summary of the students profile via email.

3. Organisation of an interview between you and the student

We coordinate the interview between you and the candidate to avoid missed calls and optimize the quality of your exchange.

4. Administrative Management and Internship

We manage and pre-fill the necessary internship agreements. All you have to do is check the information and sign it. We also inform each candidate of the administrative obligations related to their internship (insurance, legislation, etc.).

Benefits of working with PIC Management

Free Service

Our selection for the internship is free for our collaborated companies. We prefer if you will support our candidates by supporting their stay (economic help, accommodation…)

Human Resources Professionals

We have very good knowledge about the educational systems in all our internship destinations. We are a multilingual team, doing a pre-selection of applicants to help you choose the best candidate for the vacancy in your company.


Administrative Formalities

We handle all the administrative processes. We send you the completed agreements and provide all the relevant information related to the organization of the internship to the students.

The next step

We are all the time in contact with our intern during his/ her stay at the internship. We accompany you in the additional procedures (extension or termination of the internship, contact with schools.)


Are you looking for a fitting candidate for your internship offer?

Our candidate profiles


Students of Business Schools or Universities. Graduated Bachelor or Masters students. Available from 3 to 6 months.


Students of Tourism or Languages. Available from 2 to 6 months. Able to speak 2 or 4 languages.

For our recruitment solutions please contact us via [email protected]

Our partner companies

Feedback from our partner companies

Many companies have trusted us to find a suitable candidate for their staffing needs. Here are the testimonials of their experiences with our services.

PIC Management is a reliable partner in the interns recruitment. They’re always listening to our needs and introduce us profiles that are coherent to what we were looking for, in very short times. Moreover, their support in the administrative tasks is such a relief.

Jennifer, UK

The big variety of profiles provided by PIC Management makes them an essential partner for our company. Their experience and attention make the interns recruitment way easier. Moreover they managed to adapt to the constant laws evolution in order to manage every process in the best possible way.

Nuria, Spain

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