I am a student

What happens if the internship does not meet my University’s requirements?

In this case we will cancel the recruitment process for your 1st choice position which you applied for. Afterwards, we can propose you another internship, which will fulfill the requirements of your university.

What happens if, after the interview with the company, I want to resign from my application for this position?

We are cancelling your process. Of course, if you are interested we can propose you another internship offer. In this case you will be asked what the reason for the cancellation of your 1st choice was. There are no fees for you in this case. Nevertheless, in order to find a new internship vacancy for you, we require to receive a valid reason as to why you decided to cancel the 1st vacancy offer.

Will there be a personal interview?

No, the interviews take place on Skype or via phone. Keep in mind: Sometime, in case of hospitality internships, an interview with the Hotel is not required.

What happens if I want to cancel my candidature after being accepted by the company?

In this case, you are obligated to pay 50% of the total fee.

What happens if the host company discards my application?

You don’t pay any fee. Meanwhile, we will provide you with other internship offer and organize more interviews with other companies.

How much in advance should I start searching for an internship?

This depends on the starting date of your internship. For internships which are starting between January and June, we recommend starting your search 3 months in advance. This period is the busiest one, as there are many applicants who are looking for internship positions. However, there is no need to panic, it is still possible for us to find an internship for you during this period.

What kind of the documents do I have to present for my internship?

Everything depends on your destination. For the European Union you have to provide:

  • A civil liability
  • Valid passport or ID
  • An internship agreement
  • European health card (the blue one)

For the other countries: necessary documents for the Visa application, international health insurance and international repatriation.

I am not European Union’s citizen, but I am studying in the EU. Can I do my internship in another EU country?

Theoretically yes, but unfortunately every country has its own requirements and regulations. It is very probable that you will have to provide additional documents especially if you want to do a paid internship. It is important to double check the requirements of the country where you would like to do your internship. For unpaid internships, which last less than 90 days, no special procedures are required.

I would like to do my internship abroad but my university is providing my agreement only in i.e. Spanish language. What should I do?

Maybe it is not the most convenient situation but there is always a solution. First, what you should do, is to ask if there is a bilingual version of the agreement, at least Castilian + English version. If this is not possible, as the last solution you will have to ask for the certified translation, so in this way the host company will be able to understand the Agreement.

What is the next step, after being accepted for an internship?

Once your internship is confirmed, we will prepare your internship agreement and organize your arrival. You will receive an information sheet with all the details about what you must prepare for your internship (mainly for the internship in the hotels) from us. Please keep in mind, that we will contact you during your internship in order to know if everything is all right.

I am responsible for internships in our University

Do the students have to pay for the service of PIC Management?

Yes, our service contains a one-time fee which is covered by the student. This fee only applies if we can provide an internship that meets the requirements of the students University and if the recruitment process is successful and the student gets accepted by our partner company. We provide information about our service in our publications as well as in the first interview between us and the applicant. Our fee is: 385 euros for an 8 to 13 weeks long internship and 15 euros for every additional week. Hereby, 96% of our internships are paid and/or provide an accommodation for the intern.

Of course, it is also possible for the University to cover the expense of our service, if desired. We are always glad to start a new collaboration with a University or School.

Which destinations can you offer our students?

We try to continually increase to number of destinations we can propose to our applicants. For example, the most popular places for internships are:
Europe: U.K., Ireland, Germany, Malta, Greece, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.
Latin America: Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Ecuador.

How do you select the companies with whom you collaborate?

First, we establish the program of the internship with the companies. For those who never received interns before, we explain the responsibilities of welcoming an intern and all the obligations involved. We organize in detail the internship program containing: missions, time-schedules, conditions, requirements.

We also verify the reputation of the company to make sure that all the safety standards are being met. If for some reason we will receive justified complaint from any of our candidates during his/ her internship, we instantly terminate our collaboration with the company.

What happens if any problems occur during the internship?

First of all, we investigate the source of the problem: a misunderstanding, difficulties with the intern’s adaptation, ineffective communication between the company supervisor and the intern, lack of help from the company supervisor or an unprofessional attitude from the intern’s side. Once we identify the problem, we try our best to solve it immediately.

Possible approaches to solve a problem between the intern and the host company can be for example mediation, filing a formal warning or issuing a notice for arranging the termination of the internship. Everything depends on the kind of problem encountered. We will always inform the university as soon as a complication arises.

Who signs the agreement for the internship?

It is always the host company, which is receiving the intern, that signs the Internship Agreement. In return, we carry out the pre-selection of the candidates and moreover supervise the whole internship program. Furthermore, we need to receive the internship agreement to pre-fill it before forwarding it to the student.

Our partner companies are not always clear about the specific organization and rules for signing an agreement, which is why we facilitate this work. If we are not in charge of the supervision of the administrative tasks, we cannot advise the student adequately about the necessary documents he/she has to provide and fill out. This could result in delays and difficulties during the internship.

Is it possible for the student to choose the host company?

Certainly, it is possible for the student to choose the host company. In every stage of the process our applicants have the possibility to decide whether they would like to continue the process or not. After the interview with the candidate we analyse his/her profile and try to match the student’s competences and requirements with the vacancies we have. After proposing the matching vacancies to the student, he needs to verify and confirm his/her future tasks with the university to continue the process.

While the university is approving the missions foreseen in the internship program, the next step is introducing the student to the corresponding company and the student can decide if he wants to proceed with the interview or not. Students who get accepted for an internship through us are candidates that have approved the tasks of the internship position as well as the host company itself beforehand.

What does the selection process during the interview looks like?

All our interviews are held via Skype (except when the student cannot connect on Skype, then we are contacting him/her via phone). As the interviews take place over a great distance we try to carry them out via Skype, as this is more personal than via phone. In most cases the second interview, with the host company, is carried out via Skype as well.

I work for a company & search for interns

What kind of candidate profiles can we expect?

Most of our candidates are students from the European Union. The majority are students of universities or tourism and business schools. Most of the students can speak about 2 to 4 languages and are available for internships that have a duration of 2 to 12 months.

Many of our applicants are students of tourism, languages, business or administration.

What are our obligations towards PIC Management?

Our priority is to have an effective communication with the applicant during the recruitment process. Therefore, we require your response to the applications of our candidates as soon as possible. Moreover, we expect specific information regarding the internship itself as well as information about the arrival of the intern at your company etc. … all this information is essential and in that way both sides will be able to experience a satisfactory and swift recruitment process.

What are my obligations towards the intern?

Your main responsibilities towards the intern are the ones which are mentioned in the contract issued by the students’ university or Erasmus programme:

  • Define the company supervisor for the intern, who will support and guide the intern within the company
  • Respect the missions and conditions of the approved internship
  • Inform us if any problems occur during your internship
  • Provide a decent work environment (desk, computer, … all the materials which are needed to realize the tasks which are assigned to the intern).
  • Sign the agreements of the internship for the period of time required by the university and send via post if requested.

What happens if the internship doesn’t turn out as expected?

Sometimes it can happen, that the intern is not adapting well enough to the company or that he/she has difficulties with understanding and performing the given tasks … Or realistically speaking, the intern is not as serious and responsible as expected.

Certainly, you can count on us in this case and always count on our support. If necessary, we will contact the university of the intern as well and inform the student about the situation and issue a warning if necessary. Moreover, you can re-evaluate the interns position and tasks and if there won’t be any improvement, as a last resort, terminate the internship and the contract with the student. In this case it is important to notify the student about this development and contact the university via email.

What is the administrative process?

For the internship the document procedure is not complicated, but the company is required to follow every step. The most important aspect is the internship agreement, which must be signed by the company, student and the university. Most of the European universities provide this document in English. Some of the universities demand to send this document via post office or to sign the Erasmus agreement or any other student’s programs. Nevertheless, there is no need to be concerned, you can count on our help on every stage of the process. We fill out the documents and explain step by step what you need to do. Moreover, we keep in touch with the intern as well and assure that he/she has the required documents and is informed about any other necessary formalities.

How much does the service of PIC Management cost our company?

Our service is entirely free of charge for your company. We prefer that our partner companies support the students during their stay abroad. Our service is paid by the candidates or their universities (according to the corresponding agreement). If you want to cover the service costs for our applicants, it is also possible. For more details, please contact us.

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