Multifaceted and colorful country,
with stunning and diverse landscapes.


From North to South, Mexico is changing.

The North, making border with the United States, is the most industrialized part of the country. Thanks to the strong presence of the automotive industry. Monterrey, the economic capital of the North of the country has great buildings and architecture.

The South is very colorful and the agriculture and tourism dominate. Who has never heard about the Mayan Riviera, the beaches of Acapulco or the delights Guacamole and tacos?

Mexicans are known for their kindness and friendliness. You will undoubtedly discover it if you do your internship in Mexico!

Far from the stereotypes of Mexican napping, the rhythm of work is fast. Furthermore, the professional experience you will get will be useful for the rest of your career.

Mexico, a country similar to Panama is a very hospitable country. It provides internship opportunities with flexible administrative procedures. Our consultants bring you all the necessary information for your stay.

If Latin America tempts you, let yourself be seduced by Mexico.

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