Communication Assistant internship

An internship abroad as a communication assistant takes place under the responsibility of the communication manager. He is the person in charge of designing and conveying his company’s relevant values and image to its stakeholders. He defines the communication strategy so that it serves the company’s global objectives. On a daily basis, he redacts contents for partners, deals with press relations, oversees digital communication… Thus, the intern can support the manager on these different tasks or even have a project of his own.

Tasks of a Communication intern

Here are the main tasks that an intern in communication can undertake:

  • Creating communication media: presentation, posters, flyers…
  • Spreading those media to the targeted audience.
  • Follow-up and management of press relations.
  • Press impact analysis.
  • Writing press materials.
  • Management of digital communication channels: social media, mails…
  • Management of public relations: events, invitations, information…
  • Follow-up of the media plan.

Available internships


Studying communication is a requirement to get this internship as it demands a proper training. Thus, students in Corporate Communication, Communication & Marketing or Communication & Journalism have the relevant knowledge. They can be enrolled in a communication or business school or at university.

The further you are in your studies, the more responsibility you could be given. Indeed, a student following studies leading to a Bachelor in corporate communication may be a good fit for an assistant position. On the other hand, a student already following his Masters degree might be given a medium-sized project to achieve.

Skills and Qualities

Some qualities are mandatory to obtain a communication internship abroad.

First of all, you evidently have to be a good communicator. This discipline is at the heart of all of your missions. You have to be familiar with methods, tools and main principles of internal and external communication.

Beyond those technical skills, you need some soft skills. To begin with, your presentation and speech must be impeccable. Indeed, the communication intern is the main representative of the company’s values. His own image must therefore convey the one of the company. His speech must be professional and adapted to every person he has the opportunity to interact.

On the other hand, your writing abilities have to be one of your assets. Indeed, the communication assistant has a perfect syntax as he is in charge of creating contents for partners and targets. From the invitation to an event to press relations, his language register must be appropriate to the context. You therefore have to master English and sometimes even the local language professionally.




Local language (if required)




Writing abilities

Skills developed during a Communication internship abroad

After a communication internship abroad, you will have improved in various fields.

First, this real-world experience will allow you to master communication tools. You will be taught to write professional contents adapted to the public targeted and the context. You will use office software and digital media. You will manage relations with partners and/or press. After an internship in your discipline, your profile will be even more attractive to recruiters. You will be able to search your next job or internship more comfortably while leaning on this fulfilling experience.

Given that the internship will be abroad, you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills. English, Spanish, German… it will depend on your destination. Nowadays, it is important to fluently master English, or even a second language. Working in a team will allow you to exchange and interact with foreign people daily. In the field, your ability to speak would improve rapidly. Of course, it will also allow you to add a new asset to your CV. Companies are more and more internationalized and their target markets are spread worldwide. It is a mandatory competency on the job market.

Finally, you will be able to develop a whole new set of cross-disciplinary skills for your future career. Adaptability, as you will live in a country with a different culture and working methods. But also, your organization, rigor, writing abilities… just to mention a few. All these values will be useful for your future, professionally as well as personally.

More Information

  • Our communication internships are available all year long. You can be in the end of your studies, in a gap year or between two academic years. We can find what you’re looking for!
  • It is better to apply about 2 months before the start of your internship. The idea is to have as many internship options and destinations to your disposal as possible.
  • Most of our communication assistant internships are available for 6 months. As tasks need a proper training, companies are looking for students for a longer period. Yet, it is sometimes possible to negotiate 5 months internships with some partners. Occasionally, we have this kind of internship for 3 to 6 months.
  • Internship communication are suitable for students who know how to make themselves clear to others, understand what others mean and to deal with customers.

This is just general information and trends. The best, in order to have a full feedback on what you are looking for, is to contact one of our consultants: [email protected]

At PIC Management, we offer the following destinations for a communication internship: Spain, United Kingdom, South America… Discover all our communication assistant internships abroad.

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