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Malta is a Southern European island country in the Mediterranean Sea, just South of Sicily, Italy. It consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo, Cominao. The state is divided into 68 local councils, each of them has the same status.
Malta internships have become way more popular during the years. Many students search for an anglophone country to do their internship abroad but they do not want to renounce to warm and sunny days at the beach and Malta is a killer about it ! Internships in Malta search for a lot of hospitality students as there is a lot of tourism in the island.


445,426 inhabitants in year 2014 (ranked 171st).


316 km2 (ranked 186th).




As Malta is part of the EU (EUR, €) the country adopted the Euro as the official currency. The VAT (Value added Tax) in Malts is 18%. Tipping is not obligatory but a 5-10% tip on top of the total bill is always welcome in the restaurants and hotels. The value of the Euro as well as the VAT can be subject to fluctuations. Therefore, if you are a non-European citizen, it is always recommended to keep an eye on the exchange rates in case you plan to change currencies.

Available internships in Malta

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Malta is located in the subtropical climate zone with the Mediterranean type, winters are very mild and summers long and warm, partly hot. Valletta is sunniest city in Europe. The temperature during the day during the two coldest months – January and February- is 18°C, and from 7°C to 13°C at night, the average temperature of the sea at this time is 15-16°C. In the hottest months – July and August- the temperatures are usually between 28 and 34°C during the day, around 23°C at night, and the average sea temperature is 26°C. In general it has stable temperatures and there are slight fluctuations in temperature between the days – on average up to 2°C difference, rarely more. For the Maltese the snow phenomenon is almost unknown, the last transient snowfall was noted down in January 1962.

Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago, located 2.5 km northwest of the island of Malta. Months with the best weather are between April and December. The dry period there is in June and August and the rainiest time is in January, February and December. Same as in the main island, the weather in Gozo is correct all year long.

The coldest months with the temperature from 14 to 17°C are January, February and March. From March the temperature is rising little by little. The warmest months are between July and September with the rainfalls scale not more than 6mm. From October the temperature starts slowly dropping, nevertheless the weather is still very warm and pleasant between 23°C in October and 17°C in December during the day. The highest level of the rainwater in December is 88mm.

The best time to go to Malta

When it comes to the weather it is always a good time to visit this country. Considering a budget friendly period for travelling to Malta, it is starting from October to May. During these months prices for accommodation can be lower than during the rest of the year and it is a good occasion to catch some attractive prices for the hotel. January and February are good months for those who are focused on sightseeing, admiring the landscape architecture fishing or even surfing in Ghejna Bay. If you would like to spend the time in sunny spring weather when nature comes back to life the months March and May are recommendable. During this period the Hotels are still affordable while you can enjoy warm spring temperatures. The months from June to September are the warmest and attract large tourist crowds, long queues and rising prices for attractions and Hotels.

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Tourists season in Malta:

  • Low Season: October, November, December, January, February
  • High Season: March, April, May
  • Very high Season: June, July, August and September

Time Difference

Time zones are always measured in a difference to UTC, i.e. the “Universal Time Coordinated”. In Malta during the winter the time zone is UTC + 1 and during the summer UTC+2.

Phone and Internet

Since 2017, there are no more roaming charges in Europe. With the introduction of the “Roam-Like-At-Home-Principle” you can surf at home prices throughout the EU. Hereby, the new roaming rules apply to both contract and prepaid rates. Restrictions apply to users who use mobile data, surf or text more than 90 days in other EU countries, and not just on occasional trips. If you are planning to move to Malta for a longer period of time it is reasonable. In this case you can easily purchase a local SIM card from one of the main providers (Vodafone MT, Go, Melita).

For international calls:

– From Malta to the UK: 00 + 44 + city code + number of the correspondent.
– From the UK to Malta: 00 + 356 + number of the correspondent.

The emergency dial is 112 (no area code needed). This number can always be reached, even with a mobile without a Maltese SIM card. The number for emergencies can be reached from pay phones, without a phone card nor money. Even in the case of your phone being locked or showing “no network available” the number can be reached anytime.

The Hotspots in Malta which you cannot miss

Discover all the must-see Travel destinations in Malta

Entry Requirements for an internship in Malta

Malta is a Member State of the Schengen Area. Therefore, all citizens of the EU, the Nordic Passport Union, Switzerland and Liechtenstein can enter and stay without any Visa. It is however, mandatory to travel with either a valid national identification card or passport. The document should be valid for the whole duration of the stay in Malta. For non-EU and non-EEA citizens, a Visa is required when entering or passing through Malta (transit). Non-European have the possibility to enter for a duration of 90 days if they have a Schengen Visa (valid for 6 months). After the 90 days, the non-EU citizen would have to wait for 6 months to be able to enter again.

Good to Know

Many students search for internships in English to learn the language better and for a future proof that they can use the English language on the job without difficulties. For internships Malta is definitely a great destination, as there is a high demand from interns and an high demand of requests of interns. Malta is highly chosen also thanks to its English internships, which are wanted by many students.

Useful address

Malta Consulate
Whitehall Mansions, Ta’ Xbiex Seafront
Ta’ Xbiex
XBX 1026

Tel : (+356) 2323 0000
E-mail : [email protected]

Website :

Local information

Stay tuned about exhibitions, concerts and events, local restaurants and transportation and start feeling like a local in no time through these helpful and free apps: iMalta, Visit Malta’s, Tallinja Smartphone, MCA Malta,

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