Many students choose PIC Management to find the perfect internship. Here are some testimonials about their experience abroad:



Thank you for your services. My internship in Majorca fit perfectly with the missions planned. I share the office with the Human Resources representative, so I am permanently in contact with her. I have a lot of tasks to do by myself such as the control management of presence, the “alta y baja”, the holidays, the sick-leave… I also have other tasks to do with the help of the manager. I am learning a lot, thank you very much.

HR Assistant – 2015, SPAIN




The team of the hotel was amazing. They were friendly and very organized. They teach me a lot. Everything was perfect, thank you very much for all!

Receptionist – 2016, SPAIN





First, I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. The company and the missions you gave me fit perfectly with the description provided. I really appreciate the organization of the team, and the work they gave me. I have already learned a lot about the company and the software they use.
Concerning Barcelona, I didn’t have the time to enjoy as much as I wanted. Let’s hope for better weekends. Again, thank you very much for giving me the chance to live this experience.

Web Marketer – 2014, SPAIN





Stella really enjoyed her internship experience in a Hotel situated in the Canary Islands.

Receptionist – 2016, SPAIN



The internship in the Canaries went perfectly, we were adequately housed and we even had a swimming pool! At the time, I was living with two flat mates: One was Polish and the other one was French. Thus, I could practice my English and Spanish every day. Furthermore, everything was well respected by the hotel. The missions were in line with plan and when something was not going well, the team listened to us and did all they could to ensure that everything was working out. Thank you to PIC Management for this internship.

Animator – 2014, SPAIN



The working environment is nice, I get a lot of help and instructions from other staff that are interesting. The house is also nice, it has full of needed things. Thank you for your help, I really like my internship in Sevilla.

Back Office Assistant – 2017, SPAIN



My internship in Barcelona is great! I find the check-in and check-out really interested. I feel like I have adapted to the company and Barcelona very well. The team is very friendly and agreeable. For now, the missions are simple. I hope that they will grow with the time, even if the missions they gave me take time and are important for the company.

Manager assistant – 2015, SPAIN



I would like to thank you because I am very satisfied about my internship in the Canaries that perfectly responds to my professional requirements. I would strongly recommend your services to the students who are looking for an internship.

Account and Administration Assistant – 2016, SPAIN



My internship in the Canaries is great! My colleagues are very friendly, they are like a second family. The accommodation is perfect and the girls are nice. I enjoy the most about my work, it’s just as I expected.

Receptionist – 2015, SPAIN



My internship in the Canaries went perfectly. I was very happy about the sport center and the hotel. The team were very kind with me. They helped me a lot and I have quickly found myself entrenched in the team. The missions and conditions were in line with plan. The timetable was planned in ahead. Concerning the PIC Management service, I am very satisfied.

Receptionist – 2014, SPAIN




I have adapted myself to the life in Panama very well, and specifically to the working community and the accommodation. Working and leaving on the beach is the perfect fit for me. To this day, the missions are essentially in the animation and the reception due to the fact that we are in summer season. However, I hope to have the occasion to participate in the preparation and the implementation of new events during the winter season.

Receptionist – 2015, PANAMA



Everything is perfect, I really enjoy my internship and my life in Panama! Thank you very much for your help!

Front Office polyvalent – 2016, PANAMA



My internship in la Riviera Maya is perfect. It totally meets my expectations. The missions are very interesting and the team is great. Furthermore, I really enjoy the Mexican culture. The only disadvantage are the toilets of the residence. Otherwise, everything is alright! Thank you again for your services.

Receptionist – 2015, MEXICO



I have adapted well to the Mexican life and to the corporate culture. The missions fitted perfectly. Everything was great, thank you very much!

Commercial – 2015, MEXICO



Everything went well. The missions were different that the ones planned, but to my great surprise, they were better. I have finally been assign to the public relations department where I could develop my level of languages and thus, learn how to manage stressful situations in front of unsatisfied customers. My manager was always present during my internship, he helped me a lot. Thank you so much for your services, I really enjoyed this experience.

Public Relations Assistant – 2015, MEXICO



I was in Mexico for a 3-month internship during summer 2016, thanks to PIC Management. First I wanted to thank you because it was the best experience of my life professionally but also humanly. I met people from all around the world, I engaged myself into my work and I really appreciated Mexico. I actually felt in love with its culture. Therefore, I extended my stay for one more month. Today I am back in France, I will be graduated soon and I’m planning to go back to Latina America. This experience change my life and helped me to find my way.

Event commercial assistant – 2016, MEXICO



I’m really good in my internship, I’m learning a lot and enjoying as much as possible. I cannot deny that my first days have been a bit hard because there aren’t many commodities where I live, but it is a matter of adaptation to the changes. I am very happy. Thank you very much for your help.

Public Relations and commercial assistant – 2017, MEXICO



I started my internship in the middle of January, in a rental agency. This internship is very interesting because I am working in an office but also outside. At the office, I take care of the customers. Indeed, I have to give them the keys of the apartment they rent. I also reply to emails and calls. When I am outside of the office, I have to go to show the apartment to the customers, give them a good impression about it and tell them some instructions. It is the most interesting part of my job. It allows me to see different places and get to know nice areas in London. This internship is highly dynamic and I am learning many things. My manager is very nice. If I have some doubts, she answers all my questions. I am greatly satisfied about the ambiance within the agency, everyone get along with each other. There is another intern working in the company which makes me feel more comfortable. Furthermore, I have many responsibilities. For example, I can find myself alone at the agency. When it happens, I must manage all the tasks on my own. It can sometimes be stressful but at the end it is a good thing and it will help me in the future.

Guest relation manager, UK




As agreed, I spend my first week at the reception of the restaurant. The  team were very friendly. I have learned so much during these few days. This learning process included the restaurant organization and the team work. I also had to ensure that customers receive the best possible support. I had to work with two interns at the reception under the supervision of the head of reception who were my internship tutor. The work environment was very pleasant and convivial. I found that I fit in rather easily and quickly. Until now, the company’s promises were kept. The missions of the reception were realized under a good supervision with a daily follow-up. After teaching me the reception tasks of the restaurant, the reception team let me a lot of autonomy in order to accomplish my tasks and to assert myself in my role. I also was initiate to the spatial organization, to be able to succeed in the Events team where I will be transferred. Thank you again for the services set-up by your team.

Marketing Assistant – 2016, UK

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