Checklist for your next Skype Interview

Checklist for your next Skype Interview

When applying for an internship abroad it is mostly not possible to attend an interview personally. But luckily there is modern technology! Video chat providers like Skype make life much easier when you have distant friends, but also when you need to make a good first impression at your new position. Still, there are a few things you should check before and during your Skype interview:

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1. Check your Skype Name

Your Skype ID or Name will be essential that the company’s recruiter can find you and call you. Maybe you made your account a long time ago when a friend of yours did a high school year abroad and back then names like “luvteddy555” or “beerprince101” were popular. They may have been funny a few years ago but are totally unappropriated for a professional Skype interview. If you still have a badly chosen name, make yourself a new account and choose your Name and Surname.
Furthermore, you should take extra care about your profile picture. Try to have a picture where you look nice and your face is visible. A picture from your last costume party or your beach vacations are not very professional.

2. Check your technology

Technology is a boon and bane at the same time. If it works it makes our lives easier, if it doesn’t it makes it very hard. Check the well-functioning of your devices before you start the interview. Is your camera and microphone working? Is your Wi-Fi strong enough to do the video call? Does your Laptop have enough battery?
To avoid an echo maybe you should consider using a headset during the interview. Also, if you only have your smartphone available for the Skype-call, try to have steady hands or put your phone down (e.g. against a wall on your desk).
To be 100 % sure everything works as you want it you can make a test and call one of your friends the day before your interview is scheduled. That way you’ll have enough time to fix any problems, which might occur.

3. Check your surroundings

While doing your job interview it is very important you encounter yourself in an undisturbed and quiet surrounding. Don’t go to the next Café just because they have free Wi-Fi. Also make sure that no one interrupts the interview, when you are doing it from your home. Tell your family members or roommates you have an important interview and they should please show consideration for you and keep the house quiet.
Another very important point apart from your noise surroundings is your actual physical background: What is behind you? If you are in your childhood room and there is still a poster of your favorite teeny-band on your wall visible during the interview does it not make a good impression. Be very careful by choosing your background! Also make sure there is enough light, so your interview partner can actually see you.

4. Check your cloths

Of course you don’t have to be as careful with your clothing choice as when you’d have a physical interview, but anyway there are some points to keep in mind. Try to wear professional cloth. Even if the interview takes place in your livingroom or bedroom, don’t get yourself too comfortable. Check what kind of dress code the company has and try to imitate it. It doesn’t have to be a suit, but wear something nice and professional. Women shouldn’t show cleavage and men should not wear their muscle shirt from their last gym training. If you are unsure, wear something neutral like a black shirt or a nice blouse. And don’t forget to wear pants even if they are not visible! 😉

5. Check where your eyes wander

It is very seductive to always stare at your own video-image and check out how others see you, but it’s unappropriated during an interview! Try to look directly in the camera to make the impression of eye contact with your interviewer.

6. Check your presence

Stay focused during the whole interview. Maybe take notes so your interlocutor sees that you are listening carefully and are very interested in the position.
And, last but not least, don’t forget to smile!

We wish you all the best for your next Skype interview and we’d love to hear about your experience! Just give us a call on Skype! 😉

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Use the SWOT analysis to find your perfect internship

Use the SWOT analysis to find your perfect internship

The business world is full of marketing tools that support in useful planning of the company, the industry, the product or the place. SWOT is an analysis that can also be useful for your future.

It considers internal factors, so called strengths and weaknesses and external factors such as opportunities and threats.

The following SWOT analysis should help you to narrow down your internship possibilities.

To be aware of your strengths prior to your internship, will help you to uncover opportunities. Moreover, knowing your weaknesses will help you to eliminate threats. The analysis is also a good preparation for your next job interview. Did you know that people who use their strengths at their jobs are 6 times more engaged? The following SWOT analysis should help you to narrow down your internship possibilities.


  • What can you do better than others?
  • What are your skills, education, connections?
  • Which achievements are you most proud of?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do other people value most about you?

Be objective and make a list of your personal characteristics to crystalize your strengths.


  • What tasks in the past did you not like to do?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with certain activities?
  • What do people around you see as your weaknesses?
  • Do you have negative work habits such as unpunctuality or short temper?

Most people find it more difficult to find honest weaknesses. Be honest with yourself and ask friends and family for help.


  • Does your university provide an internship agreement?
  • Is the field that interests you growing?
  • Do you have valuable professional connections that can help you or offer good advice?
  • Is the internship opening doors to a specific occupation in the future?


  • Is the industry you are interested in changing?
  • Does the change in technologies threaten potential internship positions?
  • Could any of your weaknesses such as lack of working experience lead to threats?

We hope that this personal SWOT analysis will help you to narrow down possible internships. It is always good to learn about yourself!

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Checklist for your next Skype Interview

When applying for an internship abroad it is mostly not possible to attend an interview personally. But luckily there is modern technology! Still there are things to take care of…

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6 advices to improve your internship application

6 advices to improve your internship application

There are probably many things, we all enjoy more than searching for an internship. So, let me help you to improve your internship application and performance and get accepted easier.
First of all, imagine putting yourself into the shoes of a recruiter. They receive tons of applications every day and you have to find your way to stand out of the crowd. Keep in mind how your application is perceived: always use a professional image, avoid mistakes and double check your spelling.

Let me help you to improve your internship application and performance and get accepted easier.

Your Email Address

Your email address is the first thing the recruiter will see from your application. Therefore, a professional email like [email protected] is necessary. Fancy names like: [email protected], [email protected] make a bad impression and are not appropriate at any time

Purpose of the Email

In order to improve your internship application, using a title that consists of the job title and your name makes it easier for the recruiter to relocate your email. An untitled email is an incomplete application and looks like you are rude or do not put a lot of effort in your application.

Email Text

Even if you attach your CV and a cover letter, do not neglect the body of the email. It looks unprofessional sending an email without a text. This is the ideal place to indicate for example your period of training and university. E.g. Hereby, I would like to apply to the position xxx posted on xx. Please find attached my curriculum vitae and my cover letter.

No mailing list

Even when you apply all five steps above, receiving an application, where about 20 other corporate emails are in the list of recipients gives a very bad impression. Improving your internship application is pointless when you send the same application to various recruiter in a corporate mailing list. Before you send the email, try to find out who is the responsible Human Resources Manager, so you can personalise your email!

Check your attachments

A CV with the name “Final CV 11” is unprofessional and makes it difficult for the recruiter to relocate your documents. An appropriate name for your CV would be “CV.Name.Surname” which directly will improve your internship application. You could add the language of your CV in case you send CVs in various languages (EngCV.Name.Surname).

Indicate your personal details

Even if your personal details are stated on your CV, do not forget to mention your personal details on the bottom of your message e.g first and last name, email and phone number. When you apply in a foreign country, always indicate the country code +336 … The more you save the recruiter’s time by being clear and precise, the better your application will be perceived.

I hope you can benefit from our advices to simplify improving your internship application! For more information, read all our tips for applying for a student internship abroad.

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Checklist for your next Skype Interview

When applying for an internship abroad it is mostly not possible to attend an interview personally. But luckily there is modern technology! Still there are things to take care of…

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8 tips for a successful skype interview

8 tips for a successful skype interview

People all over the world are always wondering how they can increase their chance of being hired. Especially, students and graduates often do not know how to prepare for a Skype interview.

Therefore, we prepared a few techniques for you to make you feel more confident for your next job interview.

A few techniques for you to make you feel more confident for your next job interview.

Print your CV

Please have your CV ready, preferably printed out in front of you. You might not see the importance of this point but many employers ask you to guide them through your CV. Taking a look at your CV, will make it easier for you to talk about your experiences in the right order.

Use an appropriate interview set-up

Make sure that the interview set up is appropriate. That means that you should dress well. What does dress well mean? Well, this depends on the job position. However, the advantage when you have an interview on Skype is that you can wear a nice shirt and keep your pajamas as pants. However, make sure not to stand up during the interview. Moreover, you should be certain that there is no distraction in the background. Please choose a neutral set up and pay attention that there is nobody that could interrupt you.

Check interview connection

A good internet connection is the key for a successful Skype interview. In order to ensure that skype is working, you could try to call somebody else before.

Conduct Company research

Before doing the interview, it is beneficial to do some research about the company you would like to work for. You do not need to remember all parts of their history but focus on a few things that motivate you to work at this place. The employer is likely to ask “why would you like to work for us?” or “what do you know about the company?”. It can help to discuss how your skill set could fill the needs of the company.

Prepare for basic questions

Next to the above mentioned questions, it is important to prepare answers to a few basic questions. All recruiters are interested in these 4 things: your strengths, your weaknesses, your plans for the next 5 years and your achievements in the past. Be honest with yourself and take some time to think about these aspects. By answering the questions, it always helps to give specific examples of professional experiences, or academic experiences such as group projects.

Use professional language

Make sure to use the right language during the interview. Be professional and avoid slangs or abbreviations. Employers are looking for somebody that can communicate professionally. They need to see if you are the right person to interact with business partners or clients.

Good attitude

The employers already know what is on your CV. They do not really look for detailed information about your past, the real thing they look for is motivation and enthusiasm. Be real and be you. Do not remember what exact words you are saying. Of course, you can prepare some notes on a paper, but do not exaggerate. Even though it is a skype interview, the employer will see if you are not looking at the computer. Otherwise, if you are not sure at all, you could always scotch-taping your notes on your laptop. But make sure to leave some space to see the person that you are talking to. Finally, listen patiently, smile and stay positive. Job chances do not increase if you seem to be desperate to get the job.

Show interest

At the end of the interview, the recruiter always wants to know if there is any question from your side. Most candidates would answer with no. However, this is the point where you can show your interest. Ask what really interests you. It is the possibility to discover if the job is the right for you. You could for instance ask more detailed questions about the job description or the company culture.

We hope that these 8 tips will ensure your success during the next skype interview. We wish you all the best!

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Checklist for your next Skype Interview

When applying for an internship abroad it is mostly not possible to attend an interview personally. But luckily there is modern technology! Still there are things to take care of…

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10 tips for your CV

10 tips for your CV

A CV is the marketing tool to enter your future career. It needs to demonstrate that you are employable and meet the requirements of the job and the organization.

10 tips for your CV and improve your internship application abroad.

Focus on relevant experience

A survey showed that 45% of employers are looking for relevant work experience. That means that you should tailor your CV to the job. For instance, you should leave out irrelevant details such as a 2-weeks high school internship or part-time jobs such as babysitting. Also, if you have some internship experiences, it is preferable to write “assistant” instead of “intern” on your job position. Additionally, try to make your CV not more than one page long.

Stand out from the crowd

An interesting CV is the chance to get noticed by employers. One possibility is to add some colors or to have a clear structure. Another alternative are infographic CVs- they are structured creatively, include colors and symbols. Of course, it is always important to tailor it to the job. An infographic CV might be fitting for a marketing position but not for an accounting one.

Choose a professional picture

When choosing your picture, please seek professional help. Several CVs include selfies or casual pictures which leave a bad reputation for the employer. Therefore, it is a good investment to go to the photographer to get a photograph, because it will make you look more professional and qualified for the job. An Interesting fact is that the US and UK regard a picture on the CV as possible frown on legal equal opportunity. However, in our services, we always require a picture because most candidates will work in customer service.

Show what you have done

Your CV should indicate your qualities. One way to show that is to mention your achievements, for instance a percentage increase in sales. Students can often make a good impression with attachments such as certificates or test scores. When mentioning the job position, try to explain the impact you made for the company.

Be consistent

Please use the same size and font consistently to not confuse the reader. Common fonts are Calibri, Verdana, Century Gothic and Arial. Use 10 or 11 point font for the main content and 12 to 14 maximum for headers. Besides that, a survey of US employers found that 49% preferred a traditional chronological CV where all jobs are listed in order.

Career objective

It is not necessary but a nice way to show what you are looking for. It should be focused to your experience and requirements of the internship. For instance: International management student with 1 year sales experience looking for a 5-month marketing internship.

Be exact

In order for recruiters to make a decision, you have to be precise in your application. Use the European language levels to describe your language skills (tests can be found online for free). A1 is the beginner level, whereas C2 is the native language level. Moreover, you can specify your language skills by mentioning tests or certificates such as TOEFL.

Proof read

Be sure to edit your resume before sending it. Please check spelling, grammar, tenses, names etc.  56% of CVs have spelling and grammar mistakes that are found by employers. Take care that your contact details are correct, check your phone number at least once. Check if your voicemail is appropriate.


Your CV should mention that references are available upon request. Many employers do not check references unless the vacancy specifically requires. Usually two references are sufficient. One academic one and one from an employer.


Do not give inaccurate information about academic or professional experiences. Besides that, leave out private information such as material status or religion.

For more questions regarding your application, please feel free to contact us. We hope to support you!

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Checklist for your next Skype Interview

When applying for an internship abroad it is mostly not possible to attend an interview personally. But luckily there is modern technology! Still there are things to take care of…

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Why you should do an internship

Why you should do an internship

If you are torn between whether or not to do an internship, you should consider these facts. The following article will reveal the incredible benefits of doing an internship.

The following article will reveal the incredible benefits of doing an internship.

A practical experience is the perfect way to begin a long and successful career and even earn college credits. Let us take a look at the most common advantages:

  • Professional Contacts
    Every contact you make within or outside the business can be valuable for your future career.  If you make a good impression at your internship, the company will recommend you to others. For instance, supervisors or the human resource manager will write you a reference letter that will be critical for your success. Nowadays, most jobs are obtained through networking and doing an internship is a way to reach more professional contacts.
  • Industry Knowledge
    An internship will enable you to gain knowledge you will not learn anywhere else. It is the chance to be exposed to real world problems. It is the point when you can finally apply your theoretical knowledge in practice.
  • Increased Confidence
    Working for a company, will show you how you can impact the success of the company. This experience will give you an evidence of your own abilities.
  • Possible Career
    Did you know that according to the National Association of Colleges & Employers NACE Statistics, 60 % of the college graduates with an internship received at least one job offer?
  • Resume Boost
    We know how difficult it is for students to show off with work experience. Studying and working sometimes just doesn’t go along well. That means that an internship for instance in the summer holidays, is the perfect solution to gain some practical experience.
  • Personal Growth
    Not only will your CV benefit from the experience, YOU will. Being abroad and getting to know a different culture in the work place as well as in your free-time will be an unforgettable life experience.
  • One Step Closer
    Even if the area of the internship did not interest you, take it positive. Now, you can narrow down your list of potential careers.
  • Myriad Possibilities

Nowadays, you can choose internships in diverse fields such as Sales & Events in Mexico, Front Office in Panama or Marketing in Barcelona. We are here to support you! You can live & work anywhere in the world, improve your language skills & stand out from the crowd.

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Improve your leadership skills

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