You are doing your internship in Berlin or  plan your next weekend trip? Check out Berlin because it is a must have for every Europe trip and a great city for your internship. Berlin offers so much more than only being the capital of Germany.So, let me show you my favorite spots.

Berliner Fernsehnturm

The television tower is the highest building in Germany and with its 382 m you have a wonderful view over the whole city. Tickets start at 13 Euro and students get a discount, so don’t forget your student ID. The restaurant on the top is turning! So while enjoying your coffee you turn around.? Afterwards, you should walk along the Berlin Wall and visit Checkpoint Charly. This museum deals with the West and East Berlin conflict during the cold war and shows how people escaped from the DDR.



berlin, klunkerkraninch, rooftopIn the evening, the Klunkerkraninch rooftop bar offers nice food and drinks with an amazing view over Neukölln. After enjoying cocktails at the rooftop bar, it is time to discover the Berlin nightlife. The Berghain is one of the best techno clubs in the world and its name is build out of his district Friedrichhain – Kreuzberg where it is located. It is difficult to get in but worth trying. So better stick to the rules. While doing your internship in Berlin, you should get a chance to visit this club.


A day trip to the Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) is my recommendation for the next day. Located in the middle of the Havel River and Wannensee, the small island is known as an idyll of nature and its free ranging peacocks. It has several old buildings and can only be reached by ferry. I’ve spend a day at the island and could not believe to find a small green paradise so close to a multimillion city.


In the evening, it is time to try Berlins most famous Currywurst at Curry36. You have to be patient but the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation!
On Sunday, you have the choice between enjoying the weather at the spree and trying out the swimming pool (only 5 euro for a day ticket). It is open from May to September. Otherwise, you can visit Tropical Island – Europe’s biggest swimming paradise with various areas and a huge outdoor pool! It is only one hour away from Berlin.
All I can say now: Enjoy your internship in Berlin or start planning your next trip to see more from the city because Berlin is always worth a visit!
Let me know your favorite spots in Berlin and send me some pictures! @pic.internship

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