Working in a start-up vs. working in a big company

Dec 7, 2018 | Application

It can be challenging to decide if you want to work in a start-up company or a big company. Especially, when you are not familiar with the pros and cons of a start-up and a big company. To help you make a decision, we will give you a clear view on the differences between the two.

Enterprise vs. start-up

There is a large variety in terms of tasks in a small company with approximately 15 employees, because there are probably no clear tasks, or you have different tasks since there are not that much employees. This can be an advantage but also a disadvantage. As an employee you will have the advantage of learning all the ins and outs of the company since you are involved in a lot of different tasks. A disadvantage can be that it can create uncertainties in terms of where to begin and where to end. It creates more autonomy for some, but it can also be a large pressure to make major decisions in your own.

A small company can have a fast-changing environment, whereas a big company has a set company culture in which all employees are similar with the norms and values. The evolving environment in a small company can have as advantage that all employees can contribute to and shape the company culture. A disadvantage might be that no clear company culture can lead to misunderstandings among each other.

Another important aspect that contributes a lot to the decision of people in terms of choosing where to work is security. Established companies are able to offer more security to their employees because their profitability might be higher than a company which was established three years ago, but this is also depending on the business strategy off course.

Furthermore, a manager is usually keeping a close eye on the progress of the company and the employees. In contrast with a start-up company where the manager is busy tackling his own tasks and making sure that the company will make profit in order to grow. This can have advantages and disadvantages. Some will enjoy learning new things and exploring them by themselves, whereas some feel more confident if the manager takes them in the right direction.

I hope that this article gave you more insight on the advantages and disadvantages of working in a start-up vs. big company. If you wish to learn more, make sure to the Study Abroad Portal:

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