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The internship in human resources abroad allows to evolve under the supervision of the HR manager. The size of the company and the level of the student can influence the variety of missions. On a generalist position, it is subject to a certain versatility: personnel administration, payroll management, recruitment, training … While on a more specialized position, its missions will focus on a particular pillar of human resources. HR internships are a must for HR students, as the practical way is fundamental in order to become a great HR manager.

The tasks of an intern in HR

Here are the different tasks that a human resources intern can perform:

  • Personnel administration: payroll, management of absences, holidays …
  • Participation in the training plan.
  • Recruitment: publication of offers, follow-up of applications, preparation of integration documents, publication of contracts …
  • HR communication.
  • Assistance in the division of the workforce so that each department can benefit from the adapted staff.
  • Career Management.

Available internships


There is a need for specialized training to complete a human resources internship. They are quite varied in terms of levels of diplomas prepared.

Business schools and IAE (university) offer human resources training from the Professional License to the Master. Some specializations are possible: digital, information systems, payroll management, training …

It is also possible to train in human resources via a BTS management. Generally, positions of administrative personnel manager are proposed. Obviously, it is complicated to have access to the same types of positions as students in BAC +3 or BAC +5.

Qualities & Skills

If you want to get an internship in human resources abroad, you have to show a certain number of qualities.

First, your knowledge of human resources is important. Indeed, the internship being an implementation of your training, the theory is essential. Logically, your curriculum in this area must bring you all the keys to get this internship.

Then, your foreign language levels are decisive if you want to be a human resources trainee. First, you must demonstrate excellent English to be able to evolve in a structure abroad. The company’s employees can come from a variety of backgrounds and will have to meet their expectations on the HR themes. In addition, you have to master the local language. Indeed, human resources is an area that touches the law, so it is important to understand the nuances.

Finally, your writing skills must be part of your strengths. You have to be able to address different audiences and sometimes write HR content for employees. The HR service is transverse, your sense of relationship and service can make the difference. Also, the position being very versatile, an irreproachable and rigorous organization is necessary.




Local language (if necessary)


Rigueur et organisation


Knowledge in HR

hhDeveloped skills during an internship in HR

After an internship in human resources abroad, you will have developed a number of skills.

First, your notions in human resources will have developed. You will have manipulated the concepts, tools and methods necessary to realize the different axes of this domain. Thus, you will get skills in administrative management, recruitment, training … This experience will allow you to apply for your next internship or even your first job with more insurance.

The internship being abroad, you will have the opportunity to progress in languages. English, Spanish, German … everything will depend on your destination. Today, it is important to master English fluently, or even a second living language. Working as a team will allow you to exchange regularly with international contacts. In total immersion, your oral fluency should evolve rapidly. Of course, it will also allow you to add another facet to your resume. Companies are becoming more international and their targets are from all walks of life. Even in France, it is an essential skill in the job market.

Finally, you will be able to develop a whole range of transversal skills for your professional success. Organization, rigor, relational skills … to name a few. All these values ​​will be useful to you in the future, both professionally and personally.

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Available internships

More information

  • Our human resources internships are available all year round. Whether you are at the end of your studies, in a gap year or between two school years, you will surely find something that suits you.
  • We advise you to send your application at least 2-3 months before the beginning of your internship to be sure that a maximum of our opportunities are always available!
  • Our internships in human resources are only offered to students who can stay 6 months in a company.

These are just trends, the best way to get a complete feedback on what you are looking for is to contact an advisor: [email protected]

Within PIC Management, we offer the following destinations for an internship in charge of human resources: Canary Islands, Malta, Czech Republic … Discover all our human resources internships abroad.

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