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The import export assistant operates in a company that has an international dimension. His company can buy or sell goods or services to foreign countries. Thus, experts are required to frame the different issues of international trades. The imports/exports assistant intern therefore undertakes various activities supporting the sales manager. He is in touch with his customers abroad on a daily basis and makes sure that transactions follow the respective international regulations. He also has to manage logistical issues of such transactions. An import export internship requires an intern who is good in organization and communication with clients and providers.

Tasks of an Import/Export Intern

Here are the main tasks that an intern in imports/exports can undertake:

  • Administrative management of transactions.
  • Preparing and issuing documents needed for trade: bill of landing, letter of credit…
  • Making sure that terms and customs rules are respected.
  • Applying incoterms.
  • Following-up with clients and/or providers.
  • Controlling activities related to the transaction.
  • Following-up with transport partners.

Available internships


The internship abroad in imports/exports may be interesting for students from various fields of studies.

The best option is to a follow a specific Imports/exports trade operations course. Indeed, this course includes all the specific knowledge required for this internship.

Yet, other classes could be relevant. For example, documentation courses, freight operations management or customs regulations can provide an interesting insight into imports and exports.

Different degrees from a Bachelor to a Masters are available. Obviously, the further you are in your education, the more responsibilities you could receive during your internship.

This kind of internship is close to administration internships as the administrative tasks to take care of are many. Be the next internship assistant !

Skills and Qualities

If you want to be a successful commercial assistant in imports and exports, you need several qualities. First of all, having strong knowledge about international trade is required. Customs rules and the main principles of imports and exports must be known. Considering Incoterms, you must know them by heart. This part is really important as laws and international partnerships change regularly. Transactions must be administratively followed with precision. Obviously, you will not be alone while following these procedures as your supervisor will support you continually. Normally, if you are studying one of the courses mentioned above, you should have the required abilities.

Furthermore, your English must be professional. Indeed, the internship is abroad and within an international context as well. You can imagine that this language is used daily. You must understand and speak it as you will be in continuous contact with your clients. If you can’t understand it sufficiently, you will not be able to encompass subtleties during negotiations or define specifications. Speaking a third language in addition to English and your native one would be appreciated.

Finally, other qualities like rigorousness and business sense would make your application really attractive. This position demands a high-level of organization and focus to handle transactions which are sometimes very important. Considering the commercial sense, it is useful to maintain good relationships with your partners. It can be a client, a provider, a carrier…


International Customs Rules




Interpersonal Skills


Third language

Skills developed during an International Trade internship abroad

This internship abroad will allow you to increase many different skills. You will even be able to develop new ones and broaden your range of skills.

First, this real-world experience in international trade will allow you to apply your knowledge on this topic. This discipline is highly linked to its context and to the reality on the field, this practical application is mandatory. You will be able to deepen your abilities and also to have a clearer insight on your future. For instance, you will discover what specific tasks of international trade you are the most interested in. After such an experience, your next applications are going to be much more attractive for companies.

Given that the internship will be abroad, you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills. English, Spanish, German… it will depend on your destination. Nowadays, it is important to fluently master English, or even a second language. Working in a team and in contact with clients will allow you to exchange and interact with foreign people daily. In the field, your ability to speak would improve rapidly. Of course, it will also allow you to add a new asset to your CV. Companies are more and more internationalized and their target markets are spread worldwide. It is a mandatory competency on the job market.

Finally, you will be able to develop a whole new set of cross-disciplinary skills for your future career. Adaptability, as you will live in a country with a different culture and working methods. But also, your organization, interpersonal skills, autonomy… just to mention a few. All these values will be useful for your future, professionally as well as personally.

Available internships

More Information

  • Our international trade internships are available all year long. You can be in the end of your studies, in a gap year or in-between two academic years, you can find what you’re looking for!
  • It is better to apply about 2 months before the start of your internship. The idea is to have as many internship options and destinations to your disposal as possible.
  • Most of our imports/exports internships are available for 6 months. As tasks need a proper training, companies are looking for students for a longer internship period. Yet, it is sometimes possible to negotiate a 5 month internships with some partners. Occasionally, we have this kind of internship for 3 to 6 months.
  • Business internships are very wide, there is any kind of internship available at PIC Management, starting from business development, marketing, accounting, HR and more !

This is just general information and trends, the best, in order to have a full feedback on what you are looking for, is to contact an consultants: [email protected]

At PIC Management, we offer international trade intern in Spain and the United Kingdom. Discover all our imports/exports internships abroad.

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