Customer Relations Internship

Under the designation “customer relations”, we can include all the internships whose missions are close to customer reception or guests’ services. Thus, the customer relations intern is in charge of the first contact with clients and of making sure that they enjoy an excellent user experience. Obviously, the position varies a lot according to the sector and the size of the company. However, he is always aware of the terms of use of products or services that are commercialized by his company. As a result, he can answer all the questions customers may have. A customer service internship is suitable for any intern who is good in communicating and relating with customers. Do not a customer service opportunity, you may realize that is your dream job !

Tasks of a Customer Relations intern

Here are the main tasks that can undertake an intern in guests’ relations:

  • Welcoming clients in the company’s premises and answering the phone (or mails).
  • Follow-up of customer experience.
  • Providing an impeccable service to clients in order to retain them.
  • Answering questions, suggestions, remarks from clients.
  • Receiving and dealing with customer claims.

Available internships


The customer relations internship may interest students from various fields of studies.

Indeed, it allows to practice foreign languages on a daily basis and therefore to make it a language training. Thus, it can be a good option for student in foreign languages. In general, students in business, administration, trade… willing a first experience abroad may also apply. This is why if you are in the beginning of your studies and highly motivated, you may apply no matter what your discipline is!

Skills and Qualities

Qualities required for a customer relations internship are more known as “soft-skills”.

Considering your interpersonal skills, you must have an impeccable presentation and image because the customer relations intern represents his company in front of clients. Your speech has to be meticulous with a great oral fluency. The idea is to create social bonding with customers so that they feel well welcomed and guided. You also have to be diplomatic to answer customers’ solicitations, even the pickiest of them.

Your adaptation abilities will also be determining. First, to integrate a new working environment with a different culture and language. Then, to adapt your speech and behavior according to each client. The objective is to provide a personalized welcome and service so that the client can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

You also have to be organized to be efficient doing a job demanding sometimes important workload. Indeed, according to the period, the customer relations intern has more or less clients to manage. During rush hours, it is important to prioritize your actions. Thus, you will be able to adapt your effort without reducing the quality of the service proposed.

Public relations internships will benefit you in several ways, you will master professional communicating and relating skills !


Interpersonal Skills




Organisation and Adaptation


Local language (if required)

Skills developed during a Customer Relations internship abroad

You can benefit from an internship abroad in guests’ services on different aspects.

First of all, it will allow you to develop interpersonal skills. You will be taught how to have a neat speech and a professional attitude no matter the situation. You will be able to start developing your commercial skills as the internship is highly customer oriented.

You will also learn how to be organized and to handle different things at the same time without losing efficiency. As the internship is very versatile, you will be in touch with all the aspects of customer relations. From the reception to the after-sale service, you will be able to learn the tricks of this very diversified position.

Given that the internship will be abroad, you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills. English, Spanish, German… it will depend on your destination. Nowadays, it is important to fluently master English, or even a second language. Working in a team and in contact with clients will allow you to exchange and interact with foreign people daily. In the field, your ability to speak would improve rapidly. Of course, it will also allow you to add a new asset to your CV. Companies are more and more internationalized and their target markets are spread worldwide. It is a mandatory competency on the job market.

Finally, you will be able to develop a whole new set of cross-disciplinary skills for your future career. Adaptability, as you will live in a country with a different culture and working methods. But also, your adaptability, curiosity, rigor… just to mention a few. All these values will be useful for your future, professionally as well as personally.

Available internships

More Information

  • Our guests’ services internships are available all year long. You can be in the end of your studies, in a gap year or between two academic years, you can find what you’re looking for!
  • It is better to apply about 2 months before the start of your internship. The idea is to have as many internship options and destinations to your disposal as possible.
  • Most of our customer relations internships are available from 4 to 6 months. As tasks need a proper training, companies are looking for student on a longer period.
  • If you are a business student, business internships are extremely important to practice your theoretical knowledge.

This is just general information and trends, the best in order to have a full feedback on what you are looking for, is to contact an consultants: [email protected]

At PIC Management, we offer customer relations internship in England, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, South America… Discover all our customer relations internships abroad.

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