Top soft skills that recruiters are looking for in young professionals

Nov 16, 2018 | Successful

A lot of recruiters nowadays, place a high value on the hard and soft skills of applicants. Soft and hard skills are easy to distinguish, but soft skills are harder to measure. Soft skills are also known as ´people skills´, those skills measure how a person interacts with other people. In addition, hard skills are teachable abilities and easy to quantify. Each person possesses soft skills, but which soft skills are in demand for the role you are aiming for? This article will give you an insight on the top skills that recruiters are looking for in young professionals.

Soft Skills recruiters are looking for


Communication is key to excellent team building and overall performance. Successful leaders make sure to facilitate effective communication in order for their team to reach a common goal. Misunderstandings are prevented, and the employees have clear responsibilities and are able to determine how they will perform those responsibilities. Good communication is not only key within an organization itself, but also with its clients.  As communication will lead to an insight of the customers´ wants and needs. Being able to communicate well in both writing and speech will help you gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Problem solving

Problem solving is the basis for continuous improvement and one of the most important soft skills that recruiters are looking for in professionals. Recruiters are seeking for professionals who are able to analyse and find solutions, since the internet and new technologies make it easy to search for a solution online. Problem solving is not only about searching for a solution, but also about innovating and creating the changes towards a desirable environment.

Team work

Effective listening, building business relationships, culture driven, common interests, motivation… Those are some important aspects that contribute to effective relationships between team members. Why is it so important to not only be a team but also being able to act as a team? Teamwork is required in almost each industry from the technology sector to the food sector. Teamwork maximizes strengths, as each individual possesses their own unique skills, in this way each skill will contribute to the skill of another team member and make them a strong and equal unit!

Time management

Last but not least, is the ability so successfully manage time within the organization. Effective time management allows employees to accomplish more within a shorter time period and lower stress. You can start with prioritizing which tasks are of importance and schedule them within your available time. Shortly, you will find out that you will have more energy and satisfaction due to the knowledge you gained about what matters to you and what does not.


So make sure to highlight your strengths during a job application. As soft skills can´t be really measured try to use example of situations in which you were able to express them. If you wish to develop those skills, check out the Study Abroad Portal:

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