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The hotel server plays a decisive role in customer satisfaction. From the simple café to the bar until the complete meal in the restaurant, his tasks may be different depending on his assignment … Always with the aim of providing a quality service. The server is in daily contact with international customers. This internship is therefore useful for developing its language levels. A restaurant internship would be the best way to start your career in the hospitality field. Kitchen internships are always a great way to learn how to work as a team and to organize yourself.

Tasks of an intern in Food and Beverage

Here are the different tasks that a hotel server can perform:

  • Prepare the room and the tables for the service.
  • Offer a service of a quality.
  • Help to present the menus, daily specials, drinks etc …
  • Take orders from customers.
  • Serve and serve the dishes. Clear the tables if necessary.
  • Check and manage stocks of raw materials.
  • Optimize the supply chain if necessary, in particular by signaling the products arriving out of stock.
  • Respect the health and safety rules in force at the establishment.

In a food and beverage internship you would also increase your language skills as you may be asked to use a foreign language while on duty.

Available internships


A wide variety of courses will allow you to do an internship in service abroad.
Some hospitality professionals look for students with certain skills rather than training. So you can integrate this kind of hotel even if you are from a business school, engineering or university.
As for luxury hotels, the deal is quite different. Indeed, they need people already trained in good practices in the hotel sector. Thus, training in hospitality and / or catering CAP, BTS or university is required to enter these prestigious institutions.

Qualities and skills

To be a good waiter in the hotel industry, it is necessary to show some essential qualities.

First of all, you have to have a sense of service at any event and to be able to develop an excellent relationship with travelers. Patience, courtesy and discretion are the order of the day. It is important to know how to satisfy the demands of more or less demanding customers.

Then, the presentation of the server must be perfect. A sober outfit and a neat image are necessary. Indeed, this last must directly reflect the image of the hotel and the quality of its offer.

Finally, it is important to be organized and rigorous. During peak hours, the trainee may have to manage multiple clients and tables at the same time. It is therefore necessary to know how to memorize the orders and not to confuse them under pain of generating discontent at the customer.

In general, being dynamic will make things a lot easier. Indeed, one must assume a versatile position and sometimes subject to increased demand during meal times.


Customer relationship




Local language (if necessary)


Service technics

Developed skills during an internship abroad in Food and Beverage

A waiter internship in the Food and Beverage department of a hotel allows you to progress on various aspects.

This internship will allow you to learn the quality standards of the hotel industry: offer impeccable service, prevent customers from waiting and be at their disposal. To do this, you will be able to present the dishes with precision and memorize the orders. For all these tasks, you will be trained in the rules of hygiene and safety specific to the field of restoration. Finally you will master the fundamentals of the management of stocks of provisions.

The internship being abroad, you will have the opportunity to progress in languages. English, Spanish, German … everything will depend on your destination. Today, it is important to master English fluently, or even a second living language. Working in a team and in contact with customers will allow you to exchange regularly with international contacts. In total immersion, your oral fluency should evolve rapidly. Of course, it will also allow you to add another facet to your resume. Companies are becoming more international and their targets are from all walks of life. Even in France, it is an essential skill in the job market.

Finally, you will be able to develop a whole range of transversal skills for your professional success. The adaptability to have been able to evolve in a country where the culture and the methods of work are different. But also dynamism, the sense of detail, teamwork … to name a few. All these values ​​will be useful to you in the future, both professionally and personally.

We have service internships available all over Europe, especially in France, the UK and Spain !

Available internships

More information

  • To do an internship in the classroom in Europe, the best season to leave is of course the summer. This is the biggest holiday period and all tourists are looking for something to stay abroad. The hotels are running at full capacity and regularly host international trainees. As a result, you will find your happiness over the months of May to August.
  • If you want a bigger change of scenery and leave Europe, it’s different. It is necessary to study a little more carefully the tourist seasons of the destination in question.
  • It is preferable to apply at least 2 months before the beginning of the internship. Ideally 3. The goal is to have a maximum choice of destinations.
  • An internship in Food and Beverage can be quite short, only 2 months. It can also be spread over a longer period, up to 6 months.

In any case, the best way to find out more is to contact an advisor directly: [email protected]

Within PIC Management, we offer the following destinations for a server internship: Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta and Latin America. Discover all of our Food and Beverage internships abroad.

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