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A public relations internship is the true representative of a hotel. He is the perfect showcase for all that is best in the hotel. He is in charge of the external communication and tries to convey those values to partners and customers. Thus, this position is versatile and requires multi-skills. It can also vary a lot according to the hotel and its standing. PR internships are extremely common for students who want to work in the hospitality field.

Public Relations intern’s tasks

Here are the different tasks that a public relations intern can perform:

  • Guests relations and management of special clients or VIPs.
  • Promotion of hotel’s services and events.
  • Welcome guests arriving at the restaurant/bar.
  • Follow-up, manage and resolve complaints and requests.
  • Answering external phone calls.
  • Sell tours organized by the hotel.
  • Help to organize welcome cocktails for customers.
  • Tasks also include community management in some hotels.

Available internships


If you want to do an internship abroad in public relations, you may study various fields. It mainly depends on the hotel’s policy and its requirements.

In general, hotels look for people having a particular set of soft skills rather than a specific education in hospitality. Thus, this position is accessible to students in business or communication school or universities. In short: you are motivated, you know the basics of communication and you speak English, you can apply!

On the contrary, hotels from the luxury sector are more selective. It is a lot more difficult to get accepted without a first successful experience in this domain or a specific education in hospitality. Even better, some schools offer 3 or 4 years degrees in hospitality management.

Qualities and skills

You will need different skills if you want to obtain your internship in public relations.

First of all, you will have to be a good communicator to convey a transparent and convincing message on your hotel’s values. This means having good writing abilities. You will have to be able to exchange mails with partners and clients or write content for social networks. You will have to adapt your speech according to your interlocutor and answer their requests with great diplomacy.

Then, you will need a rigorous organization. The public relations intern has a very versatile job while assisting the public relations manager in various missions. Sometimes, these tasks can be organizing and following an event for instance. It is required to be able to manage different tasks at the same time without reducing the quality of the service offered.

Tourism internships are indicated for whoever loves to make customers’ experience the best possible one.




Local language


Customer relations



Developed skills during an internship abroad in PR

An internship abroad in public relations will help you develop several skills.

You will master communication methods as you will manage relations with partners and VIPs. Thus, you will know how to redact contents or invitations and have a clear and precise speech. You will use different communication canals like the website, mails, carriers and even social media.

Given that the internship will be abroad, you will have the opportunity to improve your language skills. English, Spanish, German… it will depend on your destination. Nowadays, it is important to fluently master English, or even a second language. Working in a team will allow you to exchange and interact with foreign people daily. In the field, your ability to speak would improve rapidly. Of course, it will also allow you to add a new asset to your CV. Companies are more and more internationalized and their target markets are spread worldwide. Even in France, it is a mandatory competency on the job market.

Finally, you will be able to develop a whole new set of cross-disciplinary skills for your future career. Adaptability, as you will live in a country with a different culture and working methods. But also, your customer orientation, organization, sense of detail… just to mention a few. All these values will be useful for your future, professionally as well as personally.

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Available internships

More information

  • If you want to be a public relations intern in a European hotel, demand is higher during the summer. Vacationers are looking for accommodation abroad and hotels are trying to meet their expectations. Thus, the energy you could bring would surely interest them!
  • If you are more interested in an internship outside of Europe, the high season can be different. Each destination has its own characteristics concerning tourism. The best option is to find information on when tourists are visiting the country considered. In general, hotels located in sunny places are open all year long! Please, don’t forget that these are just trends and advices. It is possible to find an internship in public relations in Spain during the winter. You will just have less options. The best thing to do is ask one of our advisors for more detailed information.
  • It is better to apply around 2 months before the beginning of your internship. The idea is to as many internship positions and destinations as possible to choose from.
  • Public relations internships can last from 2 to 6 months. It depends on our partner company and their requirements. In Europe, it is quite hard to find this internship for a duration of less than 4 months.

This is just general information and trends, the best in order to have a full feedback on what you are looking for, is to contact one of our consultants via: [email protected]

We offer the following destinations for an internship abroad in public relations : Baleares (Spain), Canarias (Spain), Czech Republic, Malta, Mexico, South America … Discover all our public relations internships abroad in hotel.

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