6 advices to improve your internship application

Nov 29, 2017 | Application

There are probably many things, we all enjoy more than searching for an internship. So, let me help you to improve your internship application and performance and get accepted easier.
First of all, imagine putting yourself into the shoes of a recruiter. They receive tons of applications every day and you have to find your way to stand out of the crowd. Keep in mind how your application is perceived: always use a professional image, avoid mistakes and double check your spelling.
Let me help you to improve your internship application and performance and get accepted easier.

Your Email Address

Your email address is the first thing the recruiter will see from your application. Therefore, a professional email like name.surname@ is necessary. Fancy names like: sexysuperstar@, lalelu913@ make a bad impression and are not appropriate at any time

Purpose of the Email

In order to improve your internship application, using a title that consists of the job title and your name makes it easier for the recruiter to relocate your email. An untitled email is an incomplete application and looks like you are rude or do not put a lot of effort in your application.

Email Text

Even if you attach your CV and a cover letter, do not neglect the body of the email. It looks unprofessional sending an email without a text. This is the ideal place to indicate for example your period of training and university. E.g. Hereby, I would like to apply to the position xxx posted on xx. Please find attached my curriculum vitae and my cover letter.

No mailing list

Even when you apply all five steps above, receiving an application, where about 20 other corporate emails are in the list of recipients gives a very bad impression. Improving your internship application is pointless when you send the same application to various recruiter in a corporate mailing list. Before you send the email, try to find out who is the responsible Human Resources Manager, so you can personalise your email!

Check your attachments

A CV with the name “Final CV 11” is unprofessional and makes it difficult for the recruiter to relocate your documents. An appropriate name for your CV would be “CV.Name.Surname” which directly will improve your internship application. You could add the language of your CV in case you send CVs in various languages (EngCV.Name.Surname).

Indicate your personal details

Even if your personal details are stated on your CV, do not forget to mention your personal details on the bottom of your message e.g first and last name, email and phone number. When you apply in a foreign country, always indicate the country code +336 … The more you save the recruiter’s time by being clear and precise, the better your application will be perceived.

I hope you can benefit from our advices to simplify improving your internship application! For more information, read all our tips for applying for a student internship abroad.

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